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Kairo Choi

Location ✧ Kairo's studio apartment
Outfit ✧ Here
Dialogue ✧ 400E15
Kairo had done everything he could possibly think of to make it up to Ethan. To make up for what his fiance had done. But it was obvious that despite his attempts at easing the situation, Ethan was still anxious. It was to be expected. Kairo silently cursed to himself for ever allowing Lucy to visit him whenever she wanted. She should have been stopped at the door just like everyone else that showed up without an appointment, but Kairo never imagined her capable of causing such a scene.

"It's alright" the therapist spoke with careful consideration of what he was going to say next. He hadn't missed the way Ethan continued to look at the door. "Nobody knows this studio exists." he assured him, mostly so he'd know there was no way Lucy would find them there. The only one that knew he was the owner of said studio was the landlord, Phil. A gentle old man who had never been a fan of Lucy in the first place. Phil and Kairo quickly developed a friendship, and the former agreed to keep the location of this apartment a secret from anyone that may know Kairo.

"My landlord is the best." Kai added as he pilled the noodles onto Ethan's plate. "I told him I need a place where I could just hide away from the world. A place where no one could bother me, so-" he made a quick gesturing signaling to the small apartment. "I was given this, and he promised not to tell anyone about it. Not even Lucy..." Maybe it made no sense to Ethan. Why would he fell the need to hide something like this from his own fiance? But Kairo had his strong reasons and after the earlier display, those reasons were only further validated. "Oh, that reminds me." after making sure Ethan's plate was equiped with all the freshly cooked food, Kai slid it over to him along with some silverware before pulling out his cell phone.

He quickly dialed the studio's number in hopes that someone would pick up. There were a few things that needed to be done before he could peacefully enjoy his dinner. Finally, after several rings, a voice was heard on the other end. "Hello, Emma? It's Kai. Is Lucy still at the studio?" he asked as he put the phone on speaker and proceeded to serve himself a plate. There was a subtle shuffling before the receptionist answered. "No sir, she said she was heading home." Relief washed over Kairo, glad that she had decided to drop the subject. At least for the time being. "Perfect. Cancel the rest of my appointments for the day. Oh, and from now on, if Lucy shows up without a warning or a clear from me, she's not allowed inside. Do you understand?" there was a short silence on the other end, Kairo could only imagine the look of confusion on Emma's face, but she eventually responded with a "Yes sir." before the call was ended.