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located in Sanctuary, a part of Noctis Aeternitas, one of the many universes on RPG.


A small, quaint town with a secret.


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Character Portrait: The Town of Sanctuary Character Portrait: Aila Ryuzaki Character Portrait: Selene le Valnosia Character Portrait: Athanasios Croix Character Portrait: Vicentius Caelum
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Amaryllis sighed softly, but nodded her head understandingly at the doctor. “It's fine--I understand, Doctor Calloway," she replied before turning her attention towards Sienna. “Do you want the sheriff to escort you to the clinic?" she asked in a soft tone, placing a hand on the woman's shoulder as if to comfort her. Ezekiel managed to offer a sympathetic smile in her direction, however; he knew that she was just in shock. The bite wouldn't cause a Change. He'd made sure of that, himself, when he examined her. Sienna, however, merely shook her head.

“It's fine, Zeke," she replied, taking in a long breath. “I'd feel better if Amaryllis took me," she replied, which was a wise decision. He'd have to finish what the ghoul started, if she did want him to escort her. Ezekiel turned towards Calloway, though, resisting the urge to narrow his eyes, and gave him a smile.

“I'll visit your clinic another time, Doctor, but for now, I have an incident report to file," he stated, turning his attention towards Amaryllis who was sitting beside Sienna. “Plus I have to notify Wildlife services of a potential loose rabid wolf in the area. The sooner the better, but these things take some time. Hope you'll understand," he stated towards the doctor. That, and he didn't really want to be in the same vicinity as the vampire.

The next day saw Aila early in her shop. She'd heard about Sienna being attacked by an animal, and wanted to take her a bouquet. It had taken almost an hour to get everything the right way, but in the end, she was satisfied. The lilies had a pleasant smell to them, and she'd added some fern to give them volume. Baby's breadth would be going too far, so she opted to leave those out. Once she had it settled in a vase, she packed it carefully and made her way outside her building, taking care to flip the OPEN sign over.

The clinic wasn't too far from her shop, and Aila decided a walk was in order. As she made her way to the clinic, she bumped into Zeke, smiling at him as he passed her by. “Good morning, Zeke," she greeted as he waved at her.

“Aila," was his response. “Headed towards the clinic?" he asked, earning a short nod from her. His lips quirked lightly and he shook his head. “I take it those are for Sienna, then? Will you notify me when she's out? I'd like to check up on her when she's finished at Calloway's" he stated. Aila tilted her head in confusion.

“Why not join me? I'm sure she'd like to see you, and Vincent said he wanted to do a check-up on you," she spoke, almost simultaneous with Zeke's cough. She pursed her lips in his direction and furrowed her brows. “It doesn't sound like it's getting better, Zeke," she continued, earning a light chuckle from him.

“I'm fine, Ai. It's just a light cold," was his only response before he laid a hand on her shoulder, patting it a few times. “You worry too much," and she knew he was right about that. He waved to her before leaving, causing Aila to shake her head. He could be stubborn when he wanted to, but she supposed he had that right. If he wanted to see the doctor, he would. She wasn't going to force the issue any longer. Instead, she continued her way until she finally reached the clinic, smiling to herself as she entered.

“Good morning," she greeted the first person she came across.