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"I must be dreaming, because I don't believe in ghosts."

Savages | Marina and the Diamonds

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San's eyes suddenly snapped open. Tymol had fallen asleep, his head tilted backwards, his body giving away that he was completely relaxed. San nudged him carefully, she smelled something strange. The little monster girl scrambled over the edge of the couch and ran towards the window where a mean looking creature was hitting his club against the back door. There was a pretty garden outside, one that San would have liked to roll around in. She growled, steam coming out of her nose. The goblin caught sight of her and held up its club, grinning. San set her mouth in a line, growling at it once more. She jumped through the window, tackling the goblin, the goblin hitting her with his club. San hit the wall, seeing stars. She growled once more, swiping at it with her claws. The goblin ducked and rolled, snickering.

Her breaths came out in swift huffs, her breathing begin to cloud. The goblin's expression dropped when fire licked her tongue. With a great roar, San released a breath of fire, the goblin singed. "San!" Tymol yelled from the open window. "San, get back in here!" The goblin ran off, singed, its pride shattered. "San good!" She turned back towards Tymol, her tail wagging happily. "Yes, San is very good, but you need to come back inside before someone sees you!" San made her way back to the window, Tymol grabbed her and helped her inside, shutting the window behind her. "You shouldn't run off like that, what if we couldn't find you?" San whimpered, was she not a good girl? She had stopped the mean monster from coming inside! "It's okay, just don't run off again. We have to wait for Sopheene and Nieve to get back."

San nodded, plopping down on the floor. What was this? Why was it so soft? She ran her fingers over it, rolling around on the softness. "That's carpet," Tymol explained, joining her on the floor. "Carpet," San purred, kneading her hands in it. "Yes, carpet and that's couch." San looked at it, "couch." San jumped onto the couch, then dove onto the carpet, rolling around happily, her hair getting tangled in her horns. San giggled, hiccuping. "Hmm, I guess we should clean up a little?" Tymol mused, seeing as how the house was a mess thanks to a certain little monster flinging the stuff from the wheelbarrow everywhere. Tymol picked everything up as San began to take all of the pillows off of the couch, making a nest on the carpet. "San, I said clean." She looked up at him curiously, clean was not something she understood.

San writhed happily, it was clear she was enjoying herself. Tymol sighed, "why would any mean old King and Queen want to lock you up?" He asked, petting her head. San purred, rubbing her head against his hand, enjoying the sensation. "You're adorable, okay sure, maybe a little unconventional in the beauty department, but you're like a little, fire breathing puppy!"