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Chapter One

Silence filled the open sea as the ship, The Queen's Meridian carved its way through the water, the lovely adornment around the outside being covered in a terrifying red, the color almost matching that of blood splatter. At the stern stood the only living crew member, Niltah. She was feared by many for name alone, three of the best pirate crews had been lost to the sea witch. She had earned her title of the the first female to become a Davy Jones of the sea. Surroundings her ship was a dense fog, this naturally was enough of a warning for those who knew what it meant but one ship seemed foolish, that or the crew knew not of what they were getting into.

The ship turned to face and give chase to the enemies that entered her domain. "You should not have come." a ladies voice, smooth like a siren, but more venomous then any snake echoed through the fog. "Now your lives and souls are mine for the taking." The voice sounded, but no ship was seen, yet.

Meanwhile, across the ocean's vast waves, another ship was steadily making its way. Thump thump thump, the soft echo of boots slowly grew closer as the individual drew closer from below deck. "All hands on deck! The captain awakens!" a voice said from above, the men quickly scurried around the deck to their posts, not soon after a figure appeared out of the darkness from their quarters.

"What..." the figure said with a yawn, "What have I told you about being so loud?" the men chuckled worriedly at the figure, who in only turn gave a smile, "If you're going to be loud, at least be loud enough for me to hear you!" the figure chuckled, as the men followed suit.

The captain of the Omen had awakened from her slumber to the sound of her men, and came abroad the main deck. She looked out at the water, "[color]A fine day for sailing, what says you, Oscar?[/color]" the red-haired woman looked down at her pet spider monkey who looked at her with utmost glee.

"If you have the soul for the sea, won't you come with me? For fortune and treasures there will-" her voice soon came to a stop, "" her singing faded from her voice as she noticed a fog roll in, "Shit...Men!! Stations, now!" they quickly got into their corresponding spots for emergency situations such as attack or in this case, severe weather changes, "Carmen...What is this..?" she looked at her second hand, "It''s her, Scarlet...The Sea Witch.." she gulped, hand by her side on her rapier that was dyed a dark maroon from the blood of a sea serpent that she herself had once slain. Silence again as one thump rattled the sea.

Then a second, followed by a third. "Who will have you first? The Queen's Meridian, The Kraken...or myself?" The voice echoed as the ship of legend pulled up alongside her own.

There was no attempt to board however except for one woman. Pale skinned, dead eyes and pure silver hair. In hand were two, finely honed cutlasses. Their edges glinted in even the darkest of lights. Her eyes set upon the captain and the voice spoke out but her lips did not move. "You are the captain? A rapier is no weapon of the sea. Poor are such a weakling. Perhaps the kraken shall just...swallow you all. Less blood for me." The voice stated as the woman turned to mist and appeared back on her ship.

"If you hope for escape. Flee now." The voice stated, much colder and dead this time. The final thump summoned the beast, leaving mere minutes before it would alive as the meridian pulled off and broke chase. Scarlet looked on as her eyes grew wide as a ship much larger than her own, seemed to appear out of nowhere. She looked on in awe, almost frozen in amazement. "Captain!!! What are you doing?" a voice said as the thickest of fog surrounded them, "H-huh? What..." she broke from her trance, and quickly reacted, "We need to get our asses out of here. Now!" she quickly sprinted to the helm of the ship, "Full emergency actions! Full speed to get our asses out of here, men!!" the men quickly scampered to their posts, Scarlet looked at the ship, or for a better word the ghost ship as it seemed to only glide across the water with a ghostly movement, she looked up at who she assumed to be The Sea Witch, and couldn't help but stare, something terrifying but also terrifyingly beautiful caught her attention. Something slowly began to appear out of the ocean, parts appearing in every direction, was it….tentacles? Was it truly her? The dreaded Sea Witch and her Kraken? "Oh us…” the red headed pirate muttered under her breath as she looked on in horror at the chaos starting around them in the ocean.

A soft and harsh toned voice spoke out, β€œSwallow them whole my sweet beast...take them to the deep where their bones may decay among st the ocean." the voice rang out as the ocean, angrily released the monstrosity from its shackles. However with whatever luck was in their side, the opposing ship managed to escape the grasp of the beast. Standing on the at the stern, the dead, gray eyes pierced the fog staring seemingly right into the female captains soul. "You will stay away from my domain. Next time you will nay be so lucky." said the white haired woman as she watched the other ship fade out of her natural sight. As Scarlet and her crew managed to escape the clutches of the beast, by simply a hair, she remained silent, not even the sound of an exhale could be heard from her. She felt as though, something called out to her, she looked back, into the fog and stared at...nothing? Or what her men thought, "Scarlet! Are you okay?" her second in command asked as he ran up to her and shook her by the shoulder, "I...I'm alright, Carmen...Just...Keep the ship going head on...I'll...I'll be in the cabin..." she said, her voice almost in a soft, trance like tone. She shuffled back below the deck to her room, closing the door and practically fell into her leather seat, the dark maroon colored leather creaked softly under her weight. She looked out of the window, seeing the fog slowly grow fainter as they sailed farther from it. "Who...who are you..?" she said to no one in particular as she stared mindlessly out of the window, her mind somewhere else adrift in thought.

The white haired woman stood at the stern of her ship and shook her head, thinking to herself Foolish idiots. If they do not know I roam these seas, they should learn. No ship is safe here so long as I am about. I'll show less mercy next time. Next time...I'll cut her throat out She said heading back up to the captain's nest, a spot special to this ship only. Her course was set for a specific port town. Pirates Haven. This was a place where few would screw with her but she could still get a drink as she saw fit and that's just what she wanted. Meanwhile in The Omen, Scarlet seemed to mindlessly stare out of the window for what felt like hours, but in reality it was a few minutes at best. She blinked out of her thought and rubbed her eyes until she pinched the arch of her nose, "Ugh...I need a drink." she sighed to herself and stood up, slowly she walked over to the cabinet where she kept all of her assorted drinks, she pulled out a half full bottle of rum, and pulled the cork out with her teeth and took a sip. She eyed her humble cabin, and strolled back over to her desk, placing the bottle on the wooden furniture. She looked at the map of the seas, and quickly crossed out a part of the map, "Never again..." she mumbled as she reclined back in her seat, taking another sip. "Captain!!" a voice exclaimed, almost causing her to choke on her drink, "Agh, what is it now?" she demanded as she looked up. "Sorry...But...we're almost at port.." said the young man that rushed into her cabin. "Oh...My apologies. Tell them to prepare for land, I'll be out shortly.." she said as she looked at the compass on her desk, then back at the door where the boy ran off, shaking her head slightly at his flitiness.

A few hours had passed, as both ships carried on in their journey. The Queen's Meridian made its way into the small port, and took up residence. Thump, the cloaked woman jumped off her ship, the coat flitting about behind her. Those who saw her moved fast away from her, knowing the legend and knowing her ability. At her sides the blades were sheathed. Slowly she walked and soon saw that ship from earlier. "Feh...I can't catch a break.." she signed to herself continuing her walk and heading to the tavern. The bartender was the only one who didn't seemed to shake in their boots at her approach. "Ah lass, welcome back. What do you desire?" He asked. She signed her words to him,”A Ghostly Whisper, heavily spiked with Delvent Rum and Lime." she signed and nodded setting the coins down and letting the man work. Her comet grey eyes scouting the tavern. Soon The Omen reached land as well, and docked as swiftly as they could. Scarlet grabbed her cloak and easily put it on, it was of a thick material with the color of a dark maroon, she put up the hood that was of a much softer material, satin perhaps, and left her cabin, and just as swiftly got off the ship. "Do as you wish here, I need more drinks. And my own...will not satisfy for now." she waved her men off with a simple wave of her hand, and slowly entered the small tavern. She strolled over to the bar, placing a sack of gold coins on the bar, "Drinks are on me. And the usual, Jeb." she said lowly, the man nodded and soon brought her drink. She grabbed the mug of BloodCrest Rum and walked over to her spot which was in the corner. A drunk customer grabbed her by the shoulder roughly, "H-hey b-buddee...Wh-where you going?" his words slurred together, she was usually mistaken for male at first, due to her height of six foot three inches, and her shorter dark red shaggy hair that reached her shoulders, as well as her more masculine looking facial features, aside from her full and soft lips and delicate golden amber eyes.

Scarlet groaned and shook his hand off her shoulder, "Leave me alone-" she started before the man violently pulled her closer, which only resulted in her quickly withdrawing her rapier and pointing the blade at his throat, "I asked to be alone. Move even an inch and I'll gut you like a fish." Scarlet said with a growl in her voice as she glared down at the comically shorter man. The bartender stopped her and pulled her away quickly as a cutlass screamed through the air, blood splattering freshly on her cheek, as she looked down to see that the man's head had been cleanly severed from his body that was limply laying on the floor with a puddle of blood growing around it, as the head slowly rolled away until it bumped another patrion's boot, who only kicked it away in annoyance, going back to their drink. The pale skinned woman from prior signed to the bartender, "I'll make up the difference in pricing. Worry not but clearly some deserve no better than the locker Bellow", she sighed and sipped her drink as her eyes rested on the woman in the cloak. Her blade found it's sheath once more but whatever took that man's head wasn't just the blade, it had no blood on it. This ghostly woman was definitely the one from earlier, Scarlet knew that much too easily. She didn't even flinch when the man's head popped clean off, some blood splattering on her face, as she just emotionlessly whipped it from her cheek, she looked up from across the tavern, back at the woman at the front, Scarlet gave her a slight nod, and salute of respect with her glass and took her seat, occasionally looking up at the woman who had apparently...helped her just then..? But alas, Scarlet would leave the woman alone, as those that came to this tavern sought out to be left alone with their drink, unless permission to converse was requested, which the captain never turned down a conversation, for the most part until she got enough alcohol into her system.

The woman waved her off as though she didn't care for the respect. The bartender however came over to Scarlet and took a seat. "So what do you know of the legendary Niltah? A lady like her is dangerous. She's not respected though, no one likes her but, uh..." he glanced at Niltah who was shooting him a vengeful glare. "Just...don't get on her bad side. But I get a feeling you've met her once." He said to her, making another drink. She motioned her hand and pointed to Scarlet. In moments the drink was brought over before Niltah stood up and left the bar. "She requested this be brought to you. It's called a Ghosts whisper. A drink I learned from her in fact. Try and enjoy it but be warned. It's stronger than anything I make normally." Jebidiah said as he handed Scarlet the drink that in fact gave off an almost mist like vapor, one that is traditionally seen from a cauldron or pot of some sort, usually in the possession of a witch or other being. Scarlet took the drink, taking a slight sniff of it, strong to be sure. She turned her head to the barkeep, "I know she is a legendary say the least... Some say cursed even...From what I saw earlier? I wouldn't doubt it." she looked at the drink in hand, and with one fell swoop she drank the whole thing, coughing hard after, "S-she chased down my ship....Tried killing me and my crew, somehow we out ran her..and both ended up here. I'll take care of myself. One of the best, remember?" she said with a chuckle as she felt that drink slowly begin to give her a buzz, she reclined in her seat, and examined the tavern. Jebidiah chuckled softly and spoke, "You are one of the best. But, she is the best of the best." he said, Scarlet looked up as he said that, a slight glare could be seen in her eyes, she was of the best, second to none. But the notion of someone better than her stired something within her, intrigue, bit of jealousy, and possibly a bit of bitterness. " don't get the title of Davy Jones by being a bad pirate. I've seen a fight start in this bar and the moment she walks in, I've got a mess to clean up. She's killed many on this very floor." he said taking a seat. "You are lucky to have escaped but...I don't think it was pure luck. You see, no one has ever escaped her. She let you go because I promise you, the kraken would have gotten you. But I'll bet it didn't give chase, did it?" He said leaning back, taking his time to speak with the famed Captain Scarlet Silver, one of the most well known pirates of her age and this current generation.

Scarlet smirked at the comment, she was indeed one of the best pirates, even at her young age of twenty four, she had done many things most have never been able to complete in their whole lives, nevermind what she accomplished in less than half. She nodded, "It was going to...But, we were let go, I suppose." she took another sip of her own drink, surveying the bar again, "Why you ask?" she peered over the side of the mug as she drank. Her drink was bitter, but also sweet, and some have said a bit addictive. It was one her grandfather had made, and it was one of her favorites if not her most prized thing. Jeb placed a hand on his chin, "'s unheard of that she let's someone who sails her Waters go. This makes me think that she has another idea. Likely a different way of killing you." he laughed lightly, "But seriously...strange world, lass."

Outside yelling could be heard. People had targeted the witch. Many of which failing to realize the consequences of such an action. Any who watched the scene unfold saw only a black mist and showers of blood everywhere as people either lost their heads or had their throats sliced open along with other parts. There seemed to be a whispering incantation as the mist moved, though only sound to others it was a whisper of death. "Even with all the things I've seen in my years of explorations...I've never seen anything like he-" Scarlet was cut off as she heard yelling and scream coming from outside, "For the love of...." she murmured to herself, still feeling a buzz, she bolted from her seat and past other occupants until she got to the door, and walked outside, to see an utter bloodbath. "God damn..." she whispered under her breath, she looked on and saw the familiar mist, "Of course it is." she withdrew her maroon rapier and removed her cloak and hat with ease, tossing them aside. "Shall we dance, Sea Witch?" Scarlet said with a tone of flirtation added to her voice, but also a tone of excitement, as she was more known for her thrill seeking than being a great pirate of the sea that bombarded ships. She and her crew were famous for being thrill seekers, who also had a love for treasure and the sea.

They were not like other pirate crews, and that is one of the things that made them as unique as they were, that and The Omen crew were all male that was led by a female, even though at first meetings people mistake Scarlet for a man as she has more masculine features as well as short hair and wearing men's clothing, using that mistake to her advantage in combat and other affairs. She smiled at her now opponent for yet again, the second time, this time on solid ground, she kept her blade up straight, in a defensive position as she engaged in hopeful combat. The whisper of death enclosed its distance to Scarlet, the hatred, vengeful feeling pouring from the words of poison. It caused visions of all kinds, vision of eternal tortures, of pain and suffering, of madness and death. The mist surrounded the captain and rapid and clean cuts were made on her body, the movements were that of a ghost, nearly impossible to track and even worse with how bad they would sting. Soon however they stopped and in front of Scarlet, Niltah stood. Her gaze sharp, silent and...sorrowful? That couldn't be right. But it was. She sheathed her blades and signed her words, "I am hated no matter where I go...perhaps I'll stick to the sea after all. At least there, the ocean never fights me, there I can always be free and where I am welcomed. This was supposed to be neutral territory but it seems that even I'm attack here now. Let those cuts serve as a reminder, next time we fight, I'll rip your throat out...with my bare hands." She said tossing a black spot at Scarlet and grabbing her hat, backflipping onto the ship which sank and disappeared under water. This black spot was different though, it was shaped like...a heart? Everything had happened so quickly, a bit too quickly, but before Scarlet could make any simple form of advances, she was suddenly surrounded by a mist, Her mist to be exact. She looked frantically around her, before a pain that felt like a thousand lightning bolts went through her mind and body, she saw images of her father dying, as well as all those she loved. The memory of the sea serpent she had fought had resurfaced, but why? What caused it? Scarlet did not know for sure, the only thing she knew was that she was on the ground in extreme agony, slowly losing blood, her mind just staying afloat. She saw the Sea Witch speaking to her, words fading in and out, until she disappeared from her sight, leaving Scarlet to only pull herself a few feet, then fall into unconsciousness as her body gave out from exhaustion and blood loss, before that though, she saw a small black mark on the ground and looked at it in confusion with her remaining strength, then all went black and still.