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located in Know Where, a part of Wolf's Random Crap Ideas, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Chapter Three[/center]

The sun had began to rise, the town's people had been starting their daily lives, and in the upper room in the inn lay Scarlet, still asleep. Her eyelids flashed back and forth, as her mind replayed the memory of the most recent events. Where she did things differently, in one she didn't go peacefully, she attacked the ship, which caused the kraken to swallow her crew whole. Second, she went about it the same way, but this time she impaled her weapon through the The Witch's chest, and the third, well, Scarlet's mind was blurry and kept fading in and out. As the room's door was slowly opened, the maid stepping in to check on her, Scarlet's amber eyes flashed open weakly, coughing a bit harsh at the sudden urge to speak, as she hadn't used her vocal cords, they were weak, and she required a drink, or two...dozen. The maid took note of the cough and smiled, “Oh hello, Miss. Can I get you anything? Perhaps something to drink? I must inform you though I can not serve you alcohol of any kind, doctor's orders." she said softly and bowed as she approached the bed. "I'm sorry you had to face my sister. The time may come for you to be the one to kill her. I think she's chosen you after all." The maid said with a slightly dark look on her face as she waited to see if Scarlet could respond. The very mention of no alcohol caused a growl to emit from her dry throat, it sounded like sandpaper on a chalkboard. She struggled at first, but managed to prop herself up, slowly beginning to get out of that damn bed, and no one would hold her back, " alcohol....m-my ass.." she said as she began to stand up, albeit weakly. A black mist flowed forth from the black mark and held her down. The maid’s eyes widened as she backed away. "S...she's here!" She said running quickly out of the room as the female figure appeared but with no blades this time. She signed her words to Scarlet. "Stop...just...stop dammit. I'm here on business and you'll tell me what I want to know before killing me...why? Why are you so intent on talking to me? On getting through to me? I've been following you with that Mark and nothing you desire makes any damn sense! So tell me...what do you see that I know isn't there." The last thing Scarlet had expected was to be pulled backwards, and by what?

As she looked, she saw a form slowly appearing, an all too familiar one by now. As she tried to speak, she coughed again, some blood appearing on her lip, she spit it out on the floor and looked back on the other side of the room, across the bed, and tried her best to speak, "I...I was once like you...Alone...Angry.." she paused, and looked at the locket that had some of her blood on it, "The sea...It took my father from me...The man that raised me to be who I am.. Maybe I'm too foolish, or reckless...Maybe both.." she chuckled softly, but groaned as the very action caused some pain in the slowly healing wound. She looked back at the woman, and smiled slightly, "You...You remind me of why I became a pirate.. For the chase...the adventure.. Maybe it's the thoughts of a lonely girl...But...I see something in you.." her voice slowly growing raw the longer she spoke, wishing she had something to help with her voice. Niltah shook her head and signed, “You are stupid. There is nothing in me but hate, misery and vengeance. Every single violent being will be killed and when I am the last one left standing...I will Pierce my own heart with my blade. Because only I know where it rests." She signed angrily, "Stop trying dammit! Don't get yourself a bad reputation...I'll not warn you again. I want to be left alone, woman. I want to be as lonely as possible so that those feelings may wash over my desire for destruction. Then no one will have to fear me again. I'll be nothing more than a lonely, empty husk." She finally finished signing as she placed a hand on Scarlet's stomach, healing the injury, leaving nothing but the encrusted blood on the old bandages and one ghastly scar. " leave me alone...forever." she signed. Scarlet gently grabbed her arm, and looked up at the white haired woman, "And I will keep on going after you until the very day that I die. I will not stop... Or..." she reached over and put her knife in her hand, aiming it at her heart, “Or you could just kill me now. Make the chase stop..Because I will not stop until the day that this heart stops." she looked into her eyes, determination and stubbornness shown through, nothing else. "Then you'll never find me again...goodbye, Lady Captain. Sorry I couldn't...bend to your will. But I'm a pathetic killer. It's all I know and all I do. How find my heart and kill me'll be a hero, you'll make the world safe again, you'll be famous and renowned through the continent...and you'll end my pain, my sorrow, my suffering. You'll make me happier that way. You just have to find the heart." she signed, hung her head and disappeared in a black mist. Scarlet sighed as she saw her disappear into a cloud of mist, leaving her alone. "For now, Niltah..." she said to herself, as she found renewed strength, she pulled herself out of bed, and changed into her clothes, which had been fixed and cleaned off of the encrusted blood. Before she left the room, she took the mark that was given to her, placing it on the armor piece of her right shoulder, tucked in-between the leather armor. She left the inn, and tried to find the local library, or what they referred to as one. She entered the small building, and stepped inside, the room was lit by natural light, as well as candle light where the sunlight couldn't show. She looked around for a bit on her own, then decided she would need help for what books she was in particular need of. A lady came over and smiled, "Is there something I can help you find Miss?" She asked politely. She wasn't all that tall and clearly elderly but she seemed sweet, polite and her smile said as such. Scarlet look at the woman and smiled, "O-oh...uhm, yes. you have any books that would have any form of knowledge on sea magic? Or things of that nature?" she asked kindly as she walked along with the old woman at a pace suitable for her.

The lady nodded, "We have a few. It's one of the hardest kind of book to come by because the only one who truly knows the magic of the sea is the sea witch herself. All the books we have on that knowledge were written by her as it is." She said as she led scarlet into the back "She's...grown bitter over time. Horribly so. Everything weighs on her. All the hate, all the anger and rage, the despair and sadness. It's all gotten to her and has turned her painfully bitter. She had just become Davy Jones when she wrote these, she was still...somewhat there. She was respectable. The poor hurts to see her this way." The lady said pulling out three very beautiful, leather bound books with gold trimming and handing them over. "Here ya go!" She took them greatfully, "Thank you, so much. These will do." she smiled, and gently slipped a small bag of coins into the lady's hand, and covered the bag with the lady's other hand, "No refusal." she said with a light chuckle and left the library, returning back to the inn. She sat down on the bed, and began her long study of all the books, and what they contained. She needed to know all she could, and what would be better than the very own books written by the person in question? The books were long but not complex. They were written in such a simplicity that it would make anyone able to understand the magic and how strong it truly was but the final pages of the book were written in blood, her blood as one could tell and it was a form of warning.

"You've made it to the end... congratulations, one could say you are an expert but be warned. This magic does not come without a deep, painful price. One must lose their heart to use it, one must be called, Davy Jones. As you become stronger with the magic, you will sink into madness, you will hurt more, you will experience nothing better then pain, sorrow and misery. Never...never make the mistake of accepting the offer. I have. Even now as I write this, I sink into an ever falling madness, a choice I made for the revenge I seek. By the time I'm done today, I pray that someone out there will find this book and seek out my heart to remove my curse and set me free. Death is still to good for me with all my sins but it is my only option. Remember however, do not accept the offering of becoming Davy Jones, no matter how tempting it seems." And with that the book ended in a golden sealed crest with her signature in the middle, "Niltah of The Queens Meridian, back to sea..." Scarlet studied and read every word best to her ability, as she finished the last book, she reclined back in her chair, pinching the arch of her nose, as she had a headache after such a long time of looking at books. She looked to the window, seeing as the sun had long been down, "Shit...It's already night?" she said to herself. "But...Where is the heart..?" she said to herself, she looked at the map she was given, and wondered, "What if I were to..." she whispered as she took all five maps she was given, and arranged them in a certain pattern, having them be in the order of the world's surface, and looked at the map she was given of her domain. "Where are you..." she whispered, then had the sudden realization. She gathered her things, strapping her sword at her side, and heading to the port, to her ship to gather the rest of her things before she would head out.

She arrived at the docks, her men gathered around, "You're awake! It's good to see you Cap-" she cut them off, "Don't have time for that now." she boarded the ship and entered her cabin, she grabbed her custom crossbow, her compass, and a special knife her father gave her. She quickly returned from her cabin, and left the ship, going down to the docks, putting her things in a rowboat. "Captain Scarlet, why don't we take The Omen? Would be more officiant and-[/i]" Carmen began to speak, "No. No we. I'm going alone." she demanded. Her men looked confused, "[b]Where are you going?" they looked at her, "Her. I'm going to find her. This time, alone. Do not follow, or may the gods have mercy on you men." she loaded up the boat with what she would need. "But Captain-" she shot them a glare, "Exactly. I am your Captain, you take my orders, and stay here." she gave them a salute, and set off into unknown waters, a girl alone in a rowboat with some supplies, maps, and a compass. As a few hours passed, she looked at the map using a lantern she had taken with her, "Should be somewhere around here..." she mumbled, before hitting something with the boat. "Speaking of the devil..." she cast anchor, and slowly exited the ship, her boots making soft thuds as she stepped onto the coarse shore made of broken bones and whatever else made up the base of the mysterious cove. She took the lantern, map, her crossbow and weapons, and she slowly entered the cove, searching for the Heart Of The Sea, or Davy Jones' heart. " figured out where it's hidden? Or so you think." That voice echoed. For a moment the black mist shined and then she appeared, walking next to the captain, not attacking. "I'm sorry...but you are wrong. My heart is...well it's somewhere but not here. The reason this is called Davy Jones heart is because the cavern mimics the exact inside of a heart. My heart exactly. Black and cold. But maybe that's a clue." The voice said as she kept her head low and walked with Scarlet. "Logically, you could also take my head off, that's how I killed the last Davy Jones. Yes, you heard that right, I killed The last one." The voice came again. Her voice was quiet, serene and...peaceful? This was the only place in the world she would possibly ever act like this. "So why not travel home now...knowing that this place is a waste of your time...Captain Scarlet?" Scarlet almost jumped out of her skin as she suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but kept her composure. She cleared her throat and spoke, "I'm not giving up. Even if I have to until my last dying breath." her hands were casually clasped behind her back as she walked with Niltah. "Or...You could kill me where I stand, Niltah." she said as she looked at the woman that walked by her side.

"Also, I find your head too pretty to sever from your body." she said with a wink, as they came to a hill, she offered her hand for help. " don't make the offer. I don't want the bloodthirsty bitch inside me to be awake while I'm here in the comforting darkness..." The voice came softly. Niltah was going to just jump to the top and had her legs flexed to do so when she saw the hand. She reached up and took it. Her hands were small yet...soft for someone who had taken so many lives. Once at the top she snatched her hand away and shoved it back in her pocket. "This is where I go to one ventures here. It's the only place I can control my madness. The smell of my blood is on you, you've read the three books, I'm sure of it." The voice said softly as she walked with Scarlet. "It's the cause of my desire to die. I feel that if I could die, I could escape all the suffering I've caused. Sooner or later someone will get me anyway. Why not let it be you...?" as Scarlet gently pulled her up, surprised how dainty her hands were in Scarlet's. Slowly she strolled further in, walking somewhat aimlessly. "You act as though you are the only one who has ever killed... I'm no better..." her voice softened as she managed to see her reflection in some black glass along the cave's wall, "My beginning's were not as humble as I say...I didn't start out as just as I am... These hands have killed many..." her fists clenched at the memories, and in one swift motion she acted out in immense anger and punched the wall, shattering the glass under her fist into thousands of pieces. The cave and the emotions it had slowly started having their affects on Scarlet, her normal eyes flashed a translucent green, then reverted back to their normal amber color. She blinked, and grasped her wrist at the sudden pain, "Bloody hell..!" she exclaimed as a sudden pain erupted through her arm, glass shards were in her skin. She covered her hand in a cloth, that soon was soaked a dark red, matching her cloak's color. She felt something call to her, and she ventured further into the cove.

"Stop..." Her voice echoed as she stepped in front of Scarlet. "Do not go further in. Only I may pass through the halls of dark will be possessed if you keep going...don't..." She placed a hand on Scarlet's cheek and pulled her down, as if bringing her back to her senses she placed a kiss to her lips, "Please...listen to me." She said, healing the wound on the hand and looking her in the eyes. "You've not killed like I have, you've not sold your soul to the eternal depths...please...turn around, captain Scarlet. I beg you. Do not listen to the voice of poison from further in...I do not want you to suffer its grasp...please!" She said as the tears started falling again. She didn't want anyone to suffer like she had. Her mind was foggy and cloudy, guiding her further in against her better judgement, that was until she felt an all too familiar sensation, snapping her back into reality. Her face flushed a bright red as she realized what had happened. The one they claimed to be heartless...kissed her? She blinked, then blinked again. She looked at the woman before her in confusion, her words fading in and out of her mind, without saying a word, and most likely against her better judgement, she gently placed her hand on Niltah's cheek, and softly returned the kiss. For her to only realize and step back, "I...I'm sorry. I...I don't..." she walked away, face flushed red, muttering to herself,"Idiot. Idiot. Absolute idiot." she muttered to herself repeatedly as she continued to walk deeper in. "I don't care. Just turn around and leave...please!" The voice begged, "Don't wind up like me..." The voice came sharper then the glass as she started pushing Scarlet away from the sounds until they could no longer be heard.

She looked down, her grey eyes were only clouded further. "Leave...I don't want you to get hurt..." The voice stated lightly but seriously as she hung her head, looking away and down. Scarlet stopped as she was pushed back, looking at the woman standing before her. "Why?" she began, "If you really were heartless, why would you care so much? If you were a killer, you would have killed me the first time at sea!" she said as she got closer to her, "If you were as heartless as they say, you would have killed me and my men many a time. You could have gone against my request and killed them all, having me die at sea. But you didn't. What stopped you? The loneliness? Not knowing how you feel? Or..." she gently caressed Niltah's cheek again, and looked into her eyes, then turned away. "Nevermind..." she brushed past her and stopped in her tracks, what was that? The...the sudden voice... It wasn't..Was it? She looked on into the darkness ahead, the darkness that terrified her to the bone. "The pain...the sorrow...I didn't want you to feel it. No one deserves it. It''s not like you attacked me. You are just trying to get through to've stay her long enough. The harbingers are coming for you. If they get'll be mine to control and bend as I desire. I don't want anyone to become that for me." She said sharply. Without another word she grabbed Scarlet's shoulder and they were back at the entrance. She pushed Scarlet out and hung her head, "Don't ever come back..." With that stones in the shape of teeth slammed shut, keeping them now separate. The only entrance now sealed. Screams from inside the cave, then...silence. but one thing was sure, Niltah had just completely saved Scarlet's life.

She sighed, seeing the cove get sealed up, locking her out. She stood there, just blankly looking at the now blank stone wall. She sighed again as she slowly slid down against the smooth stone, sitting with her back against it, looking around the small cove outlet. She had nothing, but refused to leave, and stayed put. As the night went on, the weather started to become cold, freezing almost. She adjusted her cloak, keeping herself as warm as she could, and slowly drifted off to sleep, into the abyss that was her dreams, or more often than not, nightmares. As the night drew on Niltah had appeared from nowhere and shook her head, "You are so stubborn..." she signed to herself and sat down, snuggling up to Scarlet. She closed her eyes, not to sleep but to bring about silence of the mind as she sat there to keep Scarlet warm. Whatever the hell had gotten into her she wanted out. The feelings like this were meaningless without a heart to feel them with but they were happening. She didn't know what to do. Maybe it was the fact that this woman was trying to kill her? As Scarlet slept, her mind was plagued with her usual nightmares, this time it was about her father dying. She had a first person perspective, and was useless to anything. As the dreams always got to the part of her grabbing a hold of her father, it ended. Her eyes opened, and her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest. She remained silent and unmoving, as she scanned the area with her eyes, she realized she could still see her breath, but...she felt..warm? She then noticed that someone was with her, in her still sleepy state, she didn't question it, but only held tighter to whoever the body was, and fell back into the dream world. Or perhaps she was in a state of hystaria and no one was really there, to her, she didn't care, sleep was more important at that moment. "Mmm..." The person mumbled a bit. "I'm sorry, Mother...I didn't mean to become what I am...I'm sorry sister...everyone..." A voice echoed silently as Niltah had fallen asleep. A rare occurrence for her as she grabbed onto Scarlet and held her close, shaking. Not from cold but from the range of crushing emotion that slammed into her so very hard. She couldn't handle it and in some way it hurt badly. She wanted it to stop, to go away. She couldn't take it.