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Rowan didn't want forgiveness. He couldn't care less what the coven thought about them. All he cared about at the moment was getting Raelyn out of Galan's reach. He expected things to be difficult, but he hadn't expected them to take such a downfall so quickly. He was fully prepared to give the coven whatever they wanted in exchange for the humans' safety, but he should have known that trying to reason with them would be like reasoning with a brick wall. They never cared about anything other than themselves and the power they held.

It was no secret the coven was threatened by Rowan's presence, which is why Saruman, the second most powerful of the bunch, kept such a close distance between him and the rogue warlock. Rowan's eyes burned with all the hatred he'd ever felt towards the coven, Raelyn's whines of pain only fueling the fire. The moment Evanora gave the signal to slaughter, Saruman's hand gripped onto Rowan's neck, using his magic to paralyze. He couldn't do anything other than watch helplessly as everything around him fell apart. Galan finding the book was the least of his worries. Rowan had made sure to burn every last inch of it, but not before making a decoy copy. His focus now was entirely on Raelyn and the coven's attempt at killing her.

Jade rushed to Ben's side the moment he crashed against the glass, her cries for help ringing in Rowan's ears. Isaiah ran straight to Arabelle. He couldn't do much, but at the very least he could make sure she wasn't badly injured. He eyed her from head to toe, frantically searching for any signs of damage. [color= 00ff00]"Belle, are you okay?"[/color] he felt helpless. His sister was being held captive, Ben was down for the count, Arabelle had been tossed aside like a rag doll and Rowan seemed to be unable to move. Every inch of Izzy's body just wanted to scream, but he knew that wouldn' help anyone. Instead, he stayed at Belle's side in hopes it would keep them both a little safer.

Rowan' blood boiled through his veins, to the point where he could see everything through a red filter. Saruman still had a grip on his magic, and Galan now had a grip on Raelyn once again. ”You want her. You have to get her.” those few words worked like a switch. Something inside of Rowan shifted, and suddenly he was no longer paralyzed, but instead was the one doing the paralyzing. His body had broken free of Saruman's spell, his own waves of energy now blasting from Rowan's body and sending him flying at full force several feet in the air. For a moment, everything was still. Rowan's eyes focused solely on Galan, his usually fiery red aura now displaying streaks of black. [color=1a0019]"I don't want her..."[/color] he took a couple of steps forward. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Saruman attempting to get to his feet again. He trusted Arabelle to take care of it. His target was just a few feet from him. [color=#1s0019]"I want you."[/color] an outstretch of his arm was all it took to send a blow through Galan's chest, causing his force field to collapse. He silently willed Raelyn to move as far away from them as she could while he continued to close the gap. "You don't scare me, Galan." his voice was low, almost like a growl. "But I scare you, don't I?" there was a smirk of satisfaction on his face as he gripped the older warlock by the throat, suspending him in mid-air.