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Be Gentle With Me
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Don't Break Me

"Nobody knows this studio exists." Ethan must not have done a good job keeping his anxiety hidden. He didn’t think that the therapist would notice his muscles tensing up or that he was avoiding contact. He figured his behavior would be dismissed, but it wasn’t. Ethan should have known better than to think that Kairo was going to let him get away with being riddled with anxiety. His reassurance regarding the privacy of this studio let him know that. He is lying. This thought he ignored. Ethan wanted to believe that he was safe here with Kairo. If not here, then where? The studio was no longer a safe zone. Not with his particularly angry wife storming through as if the place belonged to her and just writing Ethan off as if he didn’t exist. It would be better if you didn’t... All the progress he made to make that dance studio a safe studio, ripped away within two minutes. Ethan didn’t want to go back. He couldn’t go back. His music therapist went on to explain that this place was hidden away from everyone. Including his fiance. But he was still tense. It didn’t make him feel better. It should have made him feel better. But it got him thinking. What was Kairo running away from? Why was he running? He seemed to have everything together. Ethan couldn’t bring himself to ask and just took hold of his plate.

The food smelled delicious and for a moment it actually distracted him from his thoughts regarding this entire situation and his lack of a sanctuary. Just as he was about to compliment the chef, he was on the phone. Ethan didn’t want to eavesdrop, but the therapist was on speaker. Confusion was clear on the boy’s face. Wasn’t work supposed to be private? But Kai carried on with the conversation. Making a point to check to make sure Lucy was a) no where near the studio and b) not allowed back at the studio without permission. His own fiance was banned from the studio. Not even Ethan’s thoughts had a comment for what had just happened. But this didn’t make him feel better. It should have. Why wasn’t it? He is lying. Ethan couldn’t ignore the thought afterall. ”Y-you had other appointments?” He deliberately decided to ignore the part regarding his fiance. Just the thought of her was making his heart race in a terrible way. Suddenly, reality began settling in. Kairo is a music therapist. Not just for Ethan, but for other people. His panic attack forced the male to abandon his job. ”I-I’m so s-sorry, Kai. I shouldn’t have come here. You are supposed to be working. Other people need you and I just took you away. I am so selfish.” You are going to destroy his marriage. You are going to get him fired. Being you is ruining his life.” His hands were trembling and he set the plate down. ”I-I should go..I-I.. He could feel himself choking up. His heart was racing, muscles tense, and his mind was racing faster than his mouth could keep up with. He couldn’t have another panic attack. One was bad enough, but two? And in front of Kairo. It was too much, but he couldn’t stop it.