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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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How utterly nauseating, must I continue to suffer such boredom in silence. Lovely smiles and superficial pleasantries, Adonis performed them all; feigning ignorance even in the face of such mockery was not below the Divine. So, why, when the Divine's eyes caught the stature of the young Astraryen, his Guardian, every ounce of his blood burned with a ferocity so intense that even he could barely control. How unsightly of him to allow his emotions such liberties. His rationality returning as the promise between him and Ofi flickered in his mind. With a slight sigh escaping his parted lips he turned his attention away from the young blood and onto more pleasant things, Ofi and her obviously scripted but nonetheless refined speech.

A swift drag from the Divine's pipe calmed his rousing irritation. The rosy-colored smoke danced in the air, twirling around the Adonis-like a thin silk cover spreading a pleasant scent. Before the event, Adonis watered down the lotuses potency as to not cause any…unexpected trouble between the parties. He performed this act a couple more times until Ofi’s speech had come to an end. As always it amazed Adonis how Ofi could praise the pigs without gagging.

Adonis smirked to himself but abruptly felt a presence eyeing him. Sending a sharp but subtle glare toward the direction of the audience he locked eyes with a gentle smiling woman. How delightful, two Rotten Bloods in one room…no three. Adonis sent a glance over toward the High Commander, Vaharys Kargaryen, who’s imposing aura was as daunting as ever.

How curious. That, that human and this human are related to another. Yet, possess such different auras.

"My utmost pleasure to meet you, my exalted Divine. I presume you have already known, but allow me to introduce myself once more. I go by the name Valerys of the Astraryens, and may the coming decade of our partnership be fruitful." Adonis clearly noticed that the boy was well-trained in etiquette, plus possessed a nicely groomed silver tongue. Still, that wasn't enough to grab the attention of an unruly being such as him. So he ignored the Guardians words; immersing himself in his own thoughts, hearing the greeting and niceties before this was nothing new. Adonis couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the Rotten’s name, expectations or whims.

Yet, what drew him back in was an unexpected question, "And, to start out our relationship. May I ask you, why is the letter E important?" A simple sentence caught the Divine’s attention. His light green hair, braided in a lengthy low ponytail, whipped as he turned his attention to the human.

A mischievous grin appeared on his face, “Oh? How interesting."

Adonis pondered on something for a second, then took a slight bow, nothing grand but still surprising, "I find the act of presenting my name despite you already acquiring it useless.” The Divine’s face was calm as could be but his eyes were flickering like a tiny spark from green to yellow until they paused on a shade of green.

Adonis had no interest in the Rotten, gladly willing to continue this entire ceremony ignoring him, which he was planning on doing. Yet the human seemed to be smarter than he looked and had pulled at the Divine's curiosity, rather that was a good or bad thing no one could ever know, “But since we are trying to be polite here. I am called Aui. Titles such as Divine coming from one such as you are unimportant to me though if you must I do not care.”

His words were spoken with a sweet tone, but underneath each one was a cold venom. Ofi told him to be polite, to behave, so he would. But she never said he had to enjoy it, so showing his disdain for his Guardian through honey soaked words was certainly something that would be tolerated, at least to a certain degree. Adonis did know his limits and wouldn’t sneakily attack the young one too much, just enough to release some of the built-up frustration from not having any playtime today. Yet even with such candy-coated disdain, Adonis couldn’t help but be peaked by the Astraryens riddle. It was one he hadn't heard in a long time, so his memory of the answer had escaped him.

A sweet smile fell upon Adonis' lips. It was subtly so that only the Guardian could see, and to everyone else, it was simply his normal grin. His eyes locked onto the human’s as if searching for something. This went on for a minute before Adonis lifted his pipe to his lips and took one big hit than slowly let the smoke flow out, “Tell me, Young Blood. Why is the letter E so important?”