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located in Kanderdam, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


Black steel skyscrapers and thousands of lights, home to the best shopping and networking in this arm of the galaxy. Home to Hotigan Enterprises Executive Building, The All Mall, the grandest of underground river ports, and a network of spaceports.


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Character Portrait: Rayan Doyle Character Portrait: Zai Akubane Character Portrait: Cobreo Dellèvon
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Six months ago: Zai had heard about the city of Kanderdam, and how it was controlled by mobsters. But where most people saw a wicked and twisted city, He saw opportunity. Zai took his chances and moved into the city. Not only to escape from Karma, but also to start over. His plan was simple yet effective. All he had to do is do what he did best. Assassinate the major mobsters. That's would be difficult, but it was nothing Zai Akubane couldn't have handled. Soon after many weeks of being in the city, and colleting info, he had devised a plan. See the general population hated the mobsters, because the mobsters had them pay ridiculous prices for protection against them. Everyone wanted the mobsters to be taken down, but no one had the skills nor audacity to do soo. Zai did. After al, he had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. His plan was unfolding perfectly. First he gathered a group of people who where willing to help him, and had most of the general population fund him. And then they where all set. They stroked first, when Zai had assassinated the most powerful Mobster in the city, Dominique. Of course conflict broke out, but Zai and his rebels stood strong. One by one, more and more mobsters where killed over the past six months until only a handful where left.
Now they are the only people holding Zai back from taking one of the most economically prosperous cities in the whole MV, and over 50% of the city is already his. Zai's plan was working, and he slowly "Liberated" the cities population, one killed mobster at a time. Of course Zai's leadership, protection, and assassinations came at a cost to the public, but it was far much less than the previous mobsters before him. To the public eye, he was a hero and liberator of Kanderdam City. And he is only getting more popular as he pushes the remaining mobsters out of his territory, but not before they put up a fight.
The living Shadow of Kanderdam City and so called hero is also quiet wealthy now, after collecting taxes and revenue of the cities.