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located in Kanderdam, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


Black steel skyscrapers and thousands of lights, home to the best shopping and networking in this arm of the galaxy. Home to Hotigan Enterprises Executive Building, The All Mall, the grandest of underground river ports, and a network of spaceports.


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Character Portrait: Zai Akubane Character Portrait: Macorov Character Portrait: Cobreo Dellèvon
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  1. excellant post, however please refrain from doubleposting . you can edit and remark upon what you added here in the footnotes! Someone get that Macorav a beer!

    2019-06-30 13:07:15 by lostamongtrees
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Macorov pounded his fist on his desk in anger. What would his father think if he knew the same rebels that killed him, are starting to take control of the city he once ruled. A lot had changed since Macorov had taken up his fathers business. The most drastic of these changes was the change in Macorov's demenor. Lately he had been drinking more, and in addition to that he wasn't like himself. Usually he was ruthless and unforgiving, but now he was passive. Macorov was losing his spunk. He had seen just to many of those Dominique assassination picture, and was just to stressed out over the past 6 months that he was losing his "Mojo".
His world was falling apart. So he just kept drinking, that would solve his problems. But they didn't. If Macorov didn't sighten out soon, he would be replaced by Assa, Dominique's right hand-hand man and partner in crime. If Macorov lost his position, he would be nothing but a failure to the mob and the World. Assa was already planning to take up leadership. Cobreo was also a runner up, if Assa was "eliminated". But for now, all Macorov wants now is to get revenge, and another beer.