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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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Hilda nodded in agreement, satisfied that the mage’s brother was of a more sensible disposition. She would have had something to say about his propensity for poking into people’s heads, but it looked like he was only going to learn about that the hard way.

The swordswoman raised an eyebrow as the mage himself approached her, this time to tell her about… runes on her sword? She smiled and shook her head. “Again with your assumptions, I see. Or perhaps it is your eyesight? But really, this is just a normal sword; Spellblades have no need of runes.” Hilda unsheathed her sword and held it out for him to inspect, giving him ample time before she sheathed it again. From hilt to blade, there were no runes inscribed on the weapon.

“Perhaps if there is time later, I would not mind enlightening you on the basics of my craft. From one scholar to another. But for now, we have business to attend to, no?” With little else that needed to be said, Hilda stood beside Bellemere, ready to move out when the order was given.