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Kairo Choi

Location ✧ Kairo's studio apartment
Outfit ✧ Here
Dialogue ✧ 400E15
Kairo wasn't certain of what response he'd get from his sharing important matters with Eithan, such as work-related conversations. He wanted to show the boy there was nothing Kai would hide from him. He wanted to be as transparent as possible in hopes of getting Ethan to ease up, at least while it was just the two of them. But his plan backfired. Ethan instantly became worried about Kairo's canceled appointments. The words began to spew from his mouth at an alarming rate. Kairo could already tell his body was beginning to shake.

The scene looked all too familiar. The therapist quickly dropped his plate of food on the counter and rushed over to Ethan. His hands quickly cupped his face, just as he had done outside the dance studio, so that Ethan had no choice but to look at him and only him. "Hey, hey hey! Ethan, look at me-" he could feel the boy's body trembling underneath his touch but he didn't let go, instead, he opted to speak as coming and as soothing as he could. "Just breathe with me for a second, okay? Take a deep breath..." he instructed, not letting up until Ethan complied. He wasn't going to allow the boy to have two panic attacks in one day, not if he could help it. He continued to breathe along with Ethan, just breathe until his hands could feel the difference in tension.

"Listen to me. I brought you here, remember?" he spoke with carefully calculated words, not wanting to do or say anything that would make the situation worse. "You're here because I want you to be here." after a moment, Kai's hands slowly released Ethan's face, but he made sure to keep eye contact if only for a little longer. "I don't care about my other appointments right now, okay...I just care about you." the last words came out unexpectedly, but they weren't a lie. There was nothing that mattered more to Kairo in that moment than making Ethan feel...human again. Before the boy could respond, Kairo's arms slowly slid around him. He carefully tucked Ethan's head under his chin, rubbing calming circles on his back with his palm. "You're safe here...I promise you."