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located in Sanctuary of Chains, a part of Melody of Ruin, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sanctuary of Chains

The halls echo into the unknown, creaks and groans seem to emerge from the depths, along with the sound of the creatures that now populate it.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Judith Frost Character Portrait: Karma Kura Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" Character Portrait: Hayden Addler Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina Character Portrait: Yam Suph Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde
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She stood at the precipice of the castle that had risen in the wake of Yam Suph. Her name was Judith Frost, a foremost expert on the occult and supernatural. As she came she had noticed she was not the only one gathered here, not surprising given the spontaneous nature of the event. "So, this is the sanctuary I've heard tell of? Sounds to me like a pleasant romp." She spoke in a surprisingly calm and snarky tone despite her gentle demeanor.