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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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Tension settled, and butting heads was no longer an option resting on the wonky table that these people had managed to gather themselves around. Relief came in several sighs, and Bellemere glimpsed the closing statements on that rune-drawing business the mage had took a sudden interest in. It seemed, from his expression and tone, that he was convinced that Hilda’s weapons were wrongly engraved; despite the northerner insisting there weren’t any magical traces on the weapon. The mute woman didn’t feel inclined to comment, acceptance was easier to deal with and after several respectful nods Bellemere exited the tavern with Hilda in tow.