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Be Gentle With Me
{ethan 'clark' alexander}

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Don't Break Me
Ethan’s heart was pounding so loudly in his ears. He swore it was going to burst out of his chest and he was going to die in that instant. The air around him was suddenly thicker and he was working even harder to breathe. And it was hot. The clothes on his body was suffocating him and sticking to him. The walls were closing in and the lights were getting brighter. And he couldn’t escape anywhere. He was trembling, but he was frozen in place. He could no longer hear his thoughts as they were being blocked out by the rapid heartbeat. "Hey, hey hey! Ethan, look at me-" Kairo’s words cut through the fog and he was forced to look at him. It was all he could see. Clark was being told to breath, but forgot how. The music therapist started breathing in and out and Ethan couldn’t help but follow him.

In. He inhaled through his nose. Out. He exhaled through his mouth. He could breathe again. The air wasn’t as thick and harsh to his lungs. The feelings of the air filling his lungs was therapeutic in itself, but his heart was still pounding against his chest. He wanted to ask Kai if he could hear it. He wanted to ask to be taken to a hospital. He was going to die despite remembering how to breathe. But he couldn’t find words. They were lost in his mind somewhere and couldn’t find their way out of his mouth. "Listen to me. I brought you here, remember?" Does he remember? He remembers Lucy. He remembers not being able to think straight as he ran out of the room. And then he remembers remaining on the side of the building, accepting that he was going to die there. And he knows Kairo had come to get him, but he can’t remember the words. He just knows that being alone wasn’t an option.

"You're here because I want you to be here." Kairo wants Ethan here. He wanted him to come to his secluded studio with him. He wanted to be in his presence. His heart rate was slowing down and he was stuck on the man’s words. They were ringing through his head as he finally released his face. Ethan didn’t take his eyes off his for a second. He cares. Was all he could think about, not even realizing that he was being brought into a hug. The trembling had stopped and Ethan focused on the sound of Kairo’s heartbeat instead of his own. It was slow. Rhythmic. Soothing. He closed his eyes and muttered ”lub dub..lub dub...lub dub..” in sync with what he was hearing. His own heart beat finally slowed down to match the slower speed. Ethan could feel his muscles relaxing and he then wrapped his arms around Kairo, holding him tightly.

Never has a person made him feel so safe. Everything from his smile, calm words, and rhythmic heartbeat made Ethan not want to leave this studio. He wanted to remain in his paradise for just a little bit longer. Reality could wait a little longer. ”T-thank… you..” Those were the only words he could manage to say. And he meant them from the bottom of his heart.