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Viviannah Bellum


Cassius stood aside as the first several people filed through and then followed them in, his eyes scanning around, focused more on the surroundings than the people at first. They went in single file through the door and the routine chant of “I.D. Please” was so routine that at first he tuned it out until it suddently faltered as the person in front of him walked away and he saw who had been checking and did a double take.

Viviannah Bellum, he could barely remember the last time he had seen her, they must have been just kids at the time. She had always been gifted, even way back then, something of a prodigy in the fire district. Cassius was somewhat younger than her, but just old enough to be in the same peer group. He’d been teased somewhat at first, but his unsettling tendency to respond completely out of proportion had put a stop to that fairly quickly. He’d always had a hard time with people in that respect, but Viv had taken him under her wing somewhat, made sure he didn’t cross too many lines and he’d come to think of her as a moral compass of sorts. He’d made the decision then that she was going to be his person, his conscience, and he would follow her anywhere. This devotion looks like romantic interest to some, but it’s far more simple than that; he trusts here more than he trusts himself.

Cas? he heard her say, and it brought him right back to when they were young before snapping him right back to the present, leaving him rattled, in order to cover for it he ran to safe ground in the form of formal adress. ”Lady Bellum” He nodded and joined her in checking ID’s. It was familiar work and it was good to fall into a rhythm with her, it helped to settle him more.

"I had no idea you were...I mean, it's...been a while." ”Yeah.. I’m sorry we lost touch. I got seconded to Recon after you went to protection detail, you know I always did better away from people. It.. uh.. It got pretty bad out there near the end. I mean whatever lines there were to start the war, they disintegrated pretty quickly. After that it was just block by block and building to building.“ He turned to Viv ”It got real ugly out there Viv”

Perhaps it was Vivi’s homesick heart, or her desire to see her old friends and family, but when Cassius spoke it hit a chord. Viví felt a sense of home, of her district, her family. She bit her bottom lip as she listened to him. He hadn’t changed a bit. Maybe physically just enough to have her do a double take, but his personality felt so...familiar. She sighed, eyeing her bracelet as she fidgeted with it. ”I know…” She’d seen first hand just how ugly it’s gotten, both from an outsider’s and an insider’s perspective. Having spent so much time with the Royal family, she came to see them as the kind hearted people they were. Though not perfect, they really cared about everyone in Aurum. There was no doubt in her mind that they were set up.

”I personally saw the desperation in the king’s face, and the queen crying almost every day…it was bad everywhere...” she’d long since let the memories of her last days with the family stay tucked in the back of her mind, as well as her failed mission to keep the prince safe. ”They put me on the same ship as Prince Oliver to make sure he made it safely. Now, I don’t I don’t even know if he’s-“ her words trailed off as she noticed others approaching the door. It did no good to talk about those things now. It was best to focus on those that were there. ”It’s really good to see you.” She offered a uncharacteristicly warm smile, the kind only a handful of people ever got to see.

Cassius nodded in agreement You too. Now that you’re back it will be just like the old days. I’ve got your back. he said putting a large hand on her shoulder. As they turned back to attend to the rest of the crowd he moved back into his habitual spot, two steps behind just off the right shoulder. He was going where she went and he would have her back, anyone wanted to go through her was going to have to come at him first. It was good to be back.