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located in Sanctuary of Chains, a part of Melody of Ruin, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sanctuary of Chains

The halls echo into the unknown, creaks and groans seem to emerge from the depths, along with the sound of the creatures that now populate it.


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Character Portrait: Judith Frost Character Portrait: Karma Kura Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde Character Portrait: Editus Rayn
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She watched as a man who looked closed to deaths door fired a beam of what looked to be raw mana from his mouth, obliterating the gate before them. "Well, that's certainly one way to get in that's for sure." she said in that bright tone of hers. In no time at all she was following Anselm through the hole that was formed. As a precaution, she swept her arms above her head while closing her eyes, then forming between her hands was a bright flame to light their way.