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located in Port Kanderdam, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Port Kanderdam

Above land, the spaceport. Below, the grandest of riverports on Larus, with great columns of blue glowing stone and carvings of sea creatures from local mythos. Customs is very loose, and only has visitors claim weapons.


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A sapphire skinned female had been aimlessly exploring the port for quite some time now. Shrouded in black clothing; draped over her, cut low at the back. Her face hidden within a black tinted head piece of sorts. All sorts of little blue lights flickered as her glowing blue eyes peered around her. The eyes that surveyed her surroundings were not actually hers, but instead moved like her own from within the helmet. Not something the female would usually wear considering her culture but this is to blend in as much as she could.

Her kind weren't easy to find; that meant she received unwanted attention due to her race's secretive nature. Despite the customs and what not, staying hidden in mountains and luring men to their doom was far too boring. "What am I doing." She muttered to herself out loud. Due to her cautious nature it was difficult getting around. Couldn't really trust anyone. She could easily jump on a shuttle to her demise. The only reason she got to Port Kanderdam safely, was due to an old friend smuggling her out of their home.

But as she decided to sit by the harbour, contemplating her next move. A group of, odd characters approached her. Five to be exact. Three of them seemed to be of another race like herself, the other two certainly seemed human enough.

"This the one?"

"Yeah she's the one." The leader of the strangers perhaps? Riska was unfazed by him. Despite him staring at her so intently; a very alarming desire in his eyes. Her expression unknown to the group as she simply sighed and looked away from them, as if their presence was nonexistent.

"Oi oi, who does she think she is? Does she not know who we are?" Clearly the least intelligent of the group spoke up.

"No. Dumbass. Remember what she is?"

The leader crouched down to her level; too close for comfort. "What's a Ciguapa like you doing all the way out here?" A grin leered on his pale skin as his hand grabbed her face, forcing Riska to look at him. He smelled of gasoline and cigarettes.

"Disgusting." Probably shouldn't have said that. Riska wasn't too familiar with handling situations like these. Considering the look of bewilderment on their faces. She knew at this point, she fucked up.

However, the leader kept his grin. A sudden pressure warned her senses to move. But before she knew it, her helmet had been ripped off and crushed within the leader's grasp. Abnormal strength for someone who looks human.

Riska's red eyes stared at the man like a deer in headlights. Black strands of hair flowed from within the now broken helmet, laying at her back and shoulders. Her pointed, elf like ears no longer unseen. Shit.

"Whoa! It really is a Ciguapa!" Dumbass number one said.

"How much do you think we'll fetch for her?" Brains of the group.

The leader ignored them however. "Restrain her. Prepare to to board to the ship. Now." Was all the leader said in reply as he left his lackeys to the female. But she wouldn't go down without a fight. Despite the odds being against her as the four men jumped her. Riska got to her feet and head butted the dim witted one with all her might, dazing him briefly as the other two attempted to restrain her. What a great start to her adventure.