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Snippet #2778679

located in Ebozon Woods, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ebozon Woods

The ominous woods that engulf Ebozon. All must venture via the run down paths to get to the city known as BleakMouth


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Character Portrait: Makana Valhai
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After being unable to enjoy her time at Bleakmouth due to many random patrons approaching and begging her for help. She gave in to the requests. Many seemed to approach her due to her appearance, as well as the cliche of Orcs always being brutes that'll take on anything. Partly true in her case. You see, it all depended on the mood. And tonight she wasn't really in the mood after trekking for so long to get to the damn place to begin with.

Complaining aside, the pale, murky green, half orc found herself deep within the Ebozon Woods. Wooden torch in hand out in front as she waved it around occasionally. Her golden yellow hues glancing around. It was far too quiet. Was it because of the cold or the fog? Surely not; creatures within the forests must have adapted to these conditions long ago. Lucky for her the cold wasn't a bother really, especially with the torch projecting a fair amount of heat.

It wasn't long however before the female start to come across thick loads of webbing, strung down and around trees. Grabbing her axe with her free hand she hacked away at troubling webs that got in her way. Not realising the vibrations she was sending off within the long strands of web, far too distracted by footprints ahead of her, a clue perhaps? "What have we here.." Makana spoke out loud to herself quite triumphantly, crouching before the footprint. All the whilst a with large arachnid crept down from the tall trees above, and made its way to its prey, venom dripping hungrily from its fangs to a very unsuspecting orc.