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located in Port Kanderdam, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Port Kanderdam

Above land, the spaceport. Below, the grandest of riverports on Larus, with great columns of blue glowing stone and carvings of sea creatures from local mythos. Customs is very loose, and only has visitors claim weapons.


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Scream of a woman brought Riska back to reality. As if all the sounds, sights and smells around her weren't on pause anymore. Adrenaline kicking in as she looked to Kaden, urging them to leave, he began maneuvering through the crowd. An outstretched hand caught her attention from the corner of her eye as she turned to Rayan and gripped his hand tightly like a lifeline without hesitation. She didn't have a choice right now. And she had to admit, he was quite pretty; yet handsome at the same time? Would it be rude to assume he was a he? Well, she'd surely be corrected later, not that gender bothered her. The other gentleman had more masculine features; he had the look to him that showed he could handle himself well and had possibly been through some shit. An attractive male as well. But these were thoughts she'd possibly consider when she didn't feel like he life was being threatened despite the situation probably not being as bad as she thought.

Brow furrowed, crimson orbs alert and darting around cautiously as she followed the two through the crowds. She didn't look back. She just wanted to get the hell out of here. And apologise as well as thank the two properly later.