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located in Dispel and That Spell, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dispel and That Spell

South East of Fogton, on the border near the docks to Ebozon, there is an interesting shop that sells all your magic needs.


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In all honesty Scott really didn't feel comfortable alone, this far from home. Yes he wanted adventure. But he also wanted to live. Two very contradicting wishes for a coward like him.

However upon arrival at the very spoken of shop, Scott found himself at ease. The wonders that were held within the walls of such a large wooden building with breathtaking. It was honestly every Mage's dream. Not just magic users seemed to visit the place. Travellers needing a cure, a pick me up, a curse removed or a place to stay the night also ventured to the shop in desperation. For a price of course. This shop keeper wasn't one to be swindled.

Scott scratched his beard then looked left, then right. Which way first? Well, he did need to stock up on some items. Especially since he took a beaten on the way to Dispel and That Spell. How many damn wolves does bloody Ebozon have? Enough to scare the shit out of Scott and make him scream like a girl, leaving an ice trail behind him in hopes of slowing the determined beasts.