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located in Dispel and That Spell, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dispel and That Spell

South East of Fogton, on the border near the docks to Ebozon, there is an interesting shop that sells all your magic needs.


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Dispell and that Spell. A delightful play on words and an appropriate name given the target audience of the shop. Perhaps not the largest consumer base however, given the nature of the items mage's needed for their craft, they would need to buy them or find them. The convenience of purchasing them often beat risking life and limb looking for it and even if the price was encumbering, someone did possibly risk their life for this. However it wasn't the items and ingredients for sale that brought Sienna here (though she for sure had a blast looking at them). She had come for the library.

It wasn't a very odd sight at all, a young lady with the robes of a mage surrounded in a fortress of thick books. Users of magic were often studious. After all, if they lacked the knowledge then they would certainly lack competence. The subjects were all pertaining to fire magic:

Fantastic Flames and How to start Them.
The Life and Times of A Pyromancer
Conversations with Elementals

and more.
Yet these had proven to not be very helpful. Her inner monologue did not hesitate to remind her this.
"You know...this stuff is interesting and all but".
...You've done more reading then you have done you've done for your written finals. A lot of this stuff isn't even what you're looking for and you can tell just by the titles! Just ask someone. Ask anyone! They might even recommend you books that aren't a waste.

The central tower of the fortress, her pointy hat, rose ever higher as she peeked over the walls of reading material she had gathered. It was not as if the library was completely vacant. Others were present reading their own books, mumbling in
underneath their breathes about this or that, and or roaming about the shelves for the reading material they were interested in.

"Pick someone! Any of them will do."