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located in Dispel and That Spell, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dispel and That Spell

South East of Fogton, on the border near the docks to Ebozon, there is an interesting shop that sells all your magic needs.


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Scott knew what he needed and wanted. It was much cheaper and efficient grabbing the ingredients needed for potions and making them yourself, over just buying the potions outright. Cloth, white sage, bay leaves, carnation flower petals, mint, salt, tiger's eye, black tourmaline, some vials among many other pouches and bottles of herbs and crystals.

After paying for the items at the checkout, he decided it would be nice to settle down in the library for a while. He didn't want to run off into danger again. It may even be best to stay the night where it's safe and warm. Make some potions too with what he bought.

The male's pale, grey blue eyes peered around at the tall shelves full of books and tomes; but his, call it male instincts, beckoned him to look at the young female who seemed to be subtly looking around. Was she searching for someone? Or avoiding someone? Nonetheless, Scott thought she looked cute in her iconic witches hat, surrounded by books with her beautiful, thick, chestnut brown hair. She seemed so innocent and sweet. Scott almost felt like he shouldn't approach a woman like her considering how, tainted, he was. Nonetheless, Scott ran his fingers through his dark, chocolate brown hair, a grin peering through his lips, and approached the little witch.

"What's a beauty like you doing all the way out here?" A confident questions shot her way as Scott took a seat across from her, elbow rest on table, jaw comfortably rest on his balled hand. "You hiding from someone?" His words almost hinting at himself. Might have sounded like a threat but Scott was simply being playful.