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located in Dispel and That Spell, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dispel and That Spell

South East of Fogton, on the border near the docks to Ebozon, there is an interesting shop that sells all your magic needs.


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Mugi made his way towards the library of Dispel and That Spell, carrying a whole bunch of books his grandfather gave him to sort on the correct shelves. The boy most definitely wasn't made for this task, so some of the mages he passed by seemed to have a good laugh at the poor young man, struggling with a pile on books in his arms. He finally managed to get to the door of the library, opened it with his foot, even though he knew that his grandpa won't be very pleased with this fact, and rushed into the door. Even though he walked this way multiple times in his life, he absolutely forgot about the one stairstep and he fell right into the library, books flying everywhere. He picked himself up very quickly, noticing he might've interrupted a conversation between a man and a woman I the middle of the room.