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located in Terminus Cave, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Terminus Cave

A very deep abandoned mine shaft. 'Terminus Cave' was abandoned after a rumored powerful pokemon chased the miners away.


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Character Portrait: The Deathweavers
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The Deathweaver ship coasted through the atmosphere like a phantom, and a faint hum drifted through the air as the vessel descended to its destination. It soared over rolling hills and darkened grasslands like a sliver of the void that was carved from the darkest corner of the night sky.

Several minutes later the vessel nestled between a grouping of hills, away from prying eyes, almost a mile away from the abandoned mines. The engines powered down, and then a small hatch on the side of the ship opened with a moaning hiss.

A dozen pools of miasmic black ink poured from the hatch and dripped onto the ground like tar. They writhed, churned, and morphed into grotesque humanoid shapes. Ichor dripped from wolf-like maws while long claws, like daggers, hung beside their incorporeal smokey bodies.

Then, as one, they vanished into the shadows and set out towards the cave.

The hunt was on.