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located in Terminus Cave, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Terminus Cave

A very deep abandoned mine shaft. 'Terminus Cave' was abandoned after a rumored powerful pokemon chased the miners away.


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Character Portrait: Titania Brightsmith Character Portrait: The Deathweavers Character Portrait: Astralini
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The shades snarled as Titania and her pokemon barred their path. Their eyes burned with primal fury as thin tendrils of crimson smoke leached from their gaseous eyes. They charged as one and slithered in the air like serpents with teeth and claws glistening with spectral frost.

The pack of dark spirits split in two, half ascending towards the roof and the rest slinking amidst the shadows. A deathly chill suffused the air as the upper shades opened their maws like pythons. They roared, long and terrible, with anguished cries that were like ice-cold daggers being driven into the mind.

Six Deathweaver Shades use Astonish!

Meanwhile, the other six shades vanished into the darkness. They become one with the shadows, stalking like silent wolves in order to surround their prey.

Six Deathweaver Shades use Phantom Force!