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Snippet #2781599

located in Gaia, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


A planet within the Sirius System that orbits the dead star; Eras. However, Gaia is not lacking light. Two other stars orbit the planet itself; Atargatis and Sagittae. Three moons provide temporary night when eclipses take event, otherwise Gaia is always bathed in sunlight. It is only due to the magical nature of Mother Gaia which provides the necessities for fantastical life to grow, the planet always ever watching over her beloved children who roam her earth.


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Character Portrait: King Neodin Shadowslayer Character Portrait: Shimizu Takayama Character Portrait: Leolik Character Portrait: Mikha'el Character Portrait: Eras Character Portrait: Asvith Thrym Character Portrait: Ni'thorne Character Portrait: Atargatis
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The great Soja, in the grasp of Eras, was provoked to move away by another God. Eras rumbled, but did not fret. He himself was too far gone in self absorption to recognize, despite any signs, that the forces surrounding Gaia were beginning to band against him. Those sworn to Eras would rather die than acknowledge any other as a savior, accept assistance from foreign entities, admit weakness. Those sworn to Eras knew that they were better guide by him through darkness than left blinded by the devious lights of the heavens-no matter what the lights said they intended.

The hyperspace of the Soja powered up. He noticed something as the winged figure appeared. While he was still tethered to the Soja, he could no longer drain it's power. It was as mortals would put it, like having your boot stuck in the mud. A very tightly laced boot. He was still tethered, however, so Eras moved to give his attention to King Neodin Shadowslayer, for a moment giving rest to his focus of draining power from the Soja.

What Eras didn't notice was another figure, made of starlight, forming next to Mikhael. Atargatis joined his celestial power with Mikhaels, aiding in the push of the Soja. He remained silent, caring little for who and what the children of the realms chose to give power to. Atargatis would be a star until the day his dance with Sagittae ended. Hopefully not at the hands of Eras.

The nebula of light, however, stretching out between he and Gaia, made it a little harder for Eras to strengthen his grip. This new God was strong- loved by their people and already embraced by Sagittae and Atargatis. This furied Eras even further. The great hand of the colossus below shifted in it's reach. Now it extend towards King Neodin. Up, up, up through the atmosphere the great hand of Ni'Thorne extended, casting a great shadow across the Exalted Mountains and the great valley at it's feet. The Kingdom of Skyfall was plunged into a strange twilight. Despite all working against him Eras had cause to smile. Gaia had fallen into a deep slumber.

The rains came to a sudden cease. Across the entire continent of Siv'en the beating of the water slowed. Though the sky was still pink, there was even more light in it now, and it was a hair less ominous to those paying close enough attention to that sort of thing. In Ellaria a Champion called out across the lands. Eras, far too distracted above the brightened sky, took no notice to the Children of Gaia awakening in her honor. He was impatient as Ni'Thorne moved too slow, shifting his attention to Asvith Thrym. Eras called out to the great creature, urging him to make a grab for the Soja, as it was much closer to Asvith than most others.