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Snippet #2783470

located in Weargtooth Mountains, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Weargtooth Mountains

White capped and stretching across the entirety of the north of Ellaria, the climate is arctic. There are many coves and valleys.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Sinfrost Character Portrait: Eras Character Portrait: Frendor Falcon-Wind Character Portrait: Asvith Thrym Character Portrait: Zirkonia
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In the distance the great jotunn took a step into the north of the Groenbogs far east on Ellaria. A groan echoed through the mountains. The pink clouds above grew deeper in their hue. A great shadow was cast over the north of Ellaria as something loomed beyond the clouds. South in the Bez Daha Trees a civilization bloomed, and all across Gaia Champions answered the call. Asvith Thrym, the king of the jotnar, stood posed beneath the stratosphere, his enormous frame blocking out the stars and moons as he looked around slowly with his head above the clouds. He was far too large to notice Frendor as he jumped on the back of Zirkonia, or Sinfrost as he backed away. Nor was he aware of Dvalinn the Dvergar sitting on his big toe inside the ravine, trying to fish for bait. He also was not concerned with the vikings in Iskjerne Bay, or the battles they were engaged in. Asvith only cared about one thing -- destroying the Aesir.

Asvith turned his head slowly looking at the Soja, before Ni'Thorne suddenly got Thrym's attention. As Ni'Thorne descended down into the clouds, two more giants suddenly appeared with him. Thrym the Jotunn spun around slowly, turning his hips and his feet as he swung a curve at not only the Soja but also Mizuho with one swinging overhand corkscrew baseball punch. Though slow, Thrym was mighty and powerful. His fist was made of stone boulders, diamonds, crystals, thick massive roots, shells, bones, iron ore and who knows what? At that moment, the thick roots on his feet would sink into the sand. One foot in Asvith's Ravine, the other in the Tartarean Sea just beyond the mouth of the channel.

As the godly giant answered the calling of Eras, the bridge captain Hiroki would breathe with a sigh of relief as the Soja was suddenly kicked into hyperdrive just before Thrym could smash it with his fist. The Mizuho, however, was not so lucky. They were too slow in evading Thrym's corkscrew punch as his massively jagged knuckles smashed into the orbiting vessel with incredible force. It would be a miracle if anything managed to survive such a strong blow, as Thrym's fist shattered the Mizuho like glass in the sky, causing it to explode into a cloud of dust and space debri. Nothing remained of the hybrid ship.

Asvithrym the Jotunn was now standing face to face with Ni'Thorne the Colossus, a mountain and earth giant of similar size to himself. Thrym narrowed his eyes on Ni'Thorne as he slowly retracted his fist after having thrown a punch. Thrym would sink his massive body in and flare his sides out, trying to make himself seem larger and more powerful than the slightly shorter colossus. He raised his shoulders and widened his arms, holding them out in front of himself in a threatening manner as if preparing to wrestle with Ni'Thorne and the other two giants behind him. Terakon and Fewtal peered over the clouds at him, their own expressions menacing as they stood there posed like statues in fighting positions. At that moment, Thrym roared.