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located in Gaia, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


A planet within the Sirius System that orbits the dead star; Eras. However, Gaia is not lacking light. Two other stars orbit the planet itself; Atargatis and Sagittae. Three moons provide temporary night when eclipses take event, otherwise Gaia is always bathed in sunlight. It is only due to the magical nature of Mother Gaia which provides the necessities for fantastical life to grow, the planet always ever watching over her beloved children who roam her earth.


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While Zirkonia was resting, Frendor kept watch, looking at the sky for signs of action, using his elvish night vision. He maintained the illusion of the frost giant Terakon Luvinair and stood ready to counter any action from Asvith Thrym or indeed from Eras.

He decided to issue another call by projecting his mind into the World Spirit of Gaia:

Champions of Gaia, be prepared to combine our forces! Be ready! Call out to me whoever needs the most help!