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located in Sentinel Mountains, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sentinel Mountains

A mountain range to the northeast, above the Bituin desert. Rumored to hold an army of legendary warriors whose sole purpose is to watch over a massive chasm hidden deep within the mountains.


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Frendor listened carefully to the ancient legends of the Precursor, with awe and fascination. Surely he was now interacting with vast forces beyond his understanding! He had never met one of the ancient champions, nor yet one of the Ithquent; he was still too young.

In the distance, he could start to see the outline of the vast army of Syros, with an important looking man and woman standing beside Syros himself, gazing up at Zirkonia as she approached them.

Just in time, Frendor remembered to suspend the illusion of a frost giant, Terakon Luvinair, following the dragon, so that the followers of Syros would not mistake him for one of the Collossi.

Frendor prepared himself to gently slide down from Zirkonia to greet Syros.

"Hail Syros, Champion of Gaia, and Slayer of the Collossi. I am Frendor Falcon Wind, a humble elf, and this is the great dragon Zirkonia. We come to warn you that one of the Collossi, Asvith Thyrm, has awoken and is causing devastation all around Gaia. We have used our limited powers to distract and slow his progress, but Gaia will not be safe until all the Champions are united together."