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located in Icarus Academy, a part of Icarus Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Icarus Academy



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Character Portrait: Astrid Bergström Character Portrait: Montgomery Adams Character Portrait: Ophelia Le Clair Character Portrait: Jem Ellis Character Portrait: Gwendolyn Fairchild
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daughter of venus • outfit • #BF5F28

Gwendolyn sat poised at the head of the table quieter than her normal self. The girl with confidence like reinforced steel wasn't used to faltering. Not even her strawberry salad - a favorite - relieved the nerves of her stomach. She could just hear her mother now, Good gods girl - get that nasty look off your face you're going to give yourself wrinkles. Gwen wasn't used to not fitting in, and she imagined her face was red with embarrassment watching the others converse amongst themselves. Why of all people had Headmistress asked her to join? What good would a child of Venus be on a demigod-saving mission? She could just sense the ridicule now. In all honestly Gwen wasn't entirely sure as to why she ended up agreeing in the first place. Maybe curiosity, or maybe she couldn't bear to see Jeremiah do this without her. He was one of the few at the Academy that didn't resent her existence. If anything she just wanted to prove herself, that she truly just wasn't a pretty face. But the longer she sat at the table the more she began to wonder if it was true.

Headmistress's speech was nothing more than a blur and Gwen found herself mumbling "Καλὴ τύχη" along with the rest of her classmates. That was until her shrill scream filled the air as the room practically exploded. She instantly ducked beneath the table gripping the leg of the table with all her might. Gwen squeezed her eyes shut as the sound of screams and horrible squawks filled the air. It was nothing less than a nightmare.

What was she doing? Cowering underneath the table like a first year. The girl would clearly be no help to anyone if she acted like a frightened mouse every time they faced danger. Still, her fear crippled her and it took all her might to peek out from under the table to see the disaster up above. Harpies. Hideous creatures. Even if she dozed off for the majority of her Monstrology class she'd recognize the ugly, oversized chickens anywhere.

Her eyes focused back to the table in front of her and she just caught a rather large Harpy spitting out a crumpled blue mess of what she once assumed were lovely hyacinths. Jem. She would've whooped to congratulate her friend on besting the creature (Jem and her related on the fact that children of goddesses of flowers and beauty weren't known for their combat prowess) only to realize that this instead made him the bird's target. The ugly thing reared its feathers and charged at him and Gwendolyn only had a few moments to react.

She picked up the nearest thing she could, the plate holding her dearest strawberry salad and chucked it at the Harpy like her life depended on it. "Eat this bird-brain!" She really needed to work on her insults. Surprisingly enough, the plate landed its target perfectly smashing into the face of the Harpy who happened to glance in her direction at just the perfect time. Unfortunately for Gwen, she just started perhaps the most frightening game of 'Tag you're It'. The bird shook its head out of daze and charged down the table in her direction. She screamed, tumbling back in her seat holding her hands up in front of her face - if she was going to get mauled by a freaky Big Bird she might as well try and save her face. The Harpy finally reached the edge of the table and leered at her, rearing back an ugly claw ready to rip her to shreds. As it brought down it's claw she clenched her eyes shut, and screamed again - both out of fright and out of a last ditch effort. "Stop!"

Gwendolyn waited. And waited. But the claw never came down. And after she finally had the nerve to slowly open her eyes she was shocked to see the Harpy - completely frozen in place. It took only a few moments to realize what she had done. Gwendolyn had charmspoke her way out of near death.


son of asclepius • outfit • #949494

Monty was still packing. Not clothes - supplies. Medicine, sutures, his lovely stethoscope given to him by his father, and more medicine. When Astrid approached him asking for help there was no question as to why. She knew that there was a great probability of one of them getting hurt and better him there then no-one. He would be lying to himself if he said he wasn't a little bit grateful Astrid had approached him with the offer. Senior year dawning on him had become quiet nerve-racking. Icarus was his home, and had been for the last few years and without it - what was he? The most probable thing for him to do would be to go to Medical School like his mother. While that seemed like the most obvious answer to his future he still couldn't help but feel unsure. Isn't that what he wanted to do with his life?

His thoughts of the future were abruptly brought to an end however when what he assumed was an explosion came from the mess hall. He scrambled to his feet grabbing his bo staff from his closet. It was no secret that Monty was plain terrible at combat, but in the last few months he had been working on some self-defense training with Astrid. The girl was nice enough to offer him help and not to mention she was a terrific sparring partner.

Staff in hand he dashed out of his room and down the long hallway that led from the dormitories to the student lounge then to the Mess Hall. And a mess it was. The second he opened the door to the large space he had to duck down to avoid the claws of - of a harpy? It only took him a few moments to assess the situation at hand, they were under attack. The dreaded demigod curse had finally reached Icarus.

Monty wasted no time in helping as he reached for a cowering student using a chair to shield herself from the ongoing attack. She had a nasty gash in her cheek and Montgomery assumed it had come from the claw of a Harpy. Laceration to the left cheek, heart rate 120, blood pressure 122/74. It was as if a chart had slowly begun to write itself in his mind. He crouched down next to the scared student her eyes wide as saucers, she must've been no older than a second year, and placed a hand over hers. "Hey, listen I'm going to help you okay? I just need you to stay still and take deep breaths with me alright?" He said as calmly as possible amidst the chaos going on around them. His mother would always tell him a distressed patient was never good for the healing process. She nodded slowly and followed his instructions trying to level out her breathing. Montgomery gave her a reassuring smile and after a moment squeezed her hand and closed his eyes. Healing others was always the strangest sensation, and never pleasant. He gritted his teeth as he felt his cheek slowly tear open - mimicking the girls wound. When he finally opened his eyes aside from the girls shocked expression he was grateful to see her cheek was no completely free of any marks or cuts, save for some dried blood where the gash was. He didn't have time to explain to her what had occurred and when he told her to go back to her room she stared at him for a few moments before dashing out the door of the mess hall.

Montgomery could already feel the cut on his cheek begin to heal as he turned back to the chaos around him. He noticed the others (their rag-tag group of heroes) at the table in the front of the Mess Hall battling a particular nasty group of Harpies. He dashed across the room, ducking and dodging the awaiting claws of the monsters sliding into place near Astrid and Ophelia. Not even sparing a greeting his eyes fell to the gash along Ophelia's shoulder and arm. "Ophelia, one got you pretty good didn't they? Let me help" He said extending out his arm for her to take.