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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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Pluto: Local Bar

Yeah...His new journey started in a bar on Pluto...A dump by other world standards but here on Pluto it was basically a small slice of heaven...Or hell depending on the cliental at the moment. As it was one such moment that today happened to be one of those hellish moment. In the corner of this ragged establishment sat Leon Selig, former Soldier and now basically a wandering nobody on the streets of Pluto with nothing to do save for repairing things that people pay for and having a quiet beer in the corner of the bar listening to music from the working radio.

A couple of young punks having too much to drink were stirring up trouble near the counter. "Hey!...You listening to me?...The beer here...Ish...Piss!" A drunken punk shouted at the bartender who looked more annoyed than anything. The leader of the gaggle of three idiots were messing up the quiet atmosphere, causing a ruckus, and throwing glasses while refusing to leave. Bloody idiots...

"Hey...How about you three just shut the hell up and get out." Leon raised his voice catching the attention of the three who came stumbling to his table, looking like they were just trouble. "Hey!...Old man...You think you can order us around?...We will kick your...Ash...Punk..." The leader drunkenly laughed as he raised a finger to the mans head.

"Kid, I'm giving you one warning. You three leave or you will be leaving in a medical transport." Leon warned as he glared at three as he reached for his beer before the leader slapped it off the table. "I want to see you---" Before he could even attempt to finish his sentence his chin was met by a cybernetic arm giving him an uppercut sending him off his feet and throwing him back with a few broken teeth. The supposed old man was now standing and ready for a brawl.

The other two punks still standing had conflicting ways of dealing with this, one guy decided to turn around and run for it...Tripping and falling as he ran for the exit. The other punk raised his fists and threw hands in a drunken and slow straight punch, only to be ducked, punched hard in his gut causing the man to lean forward in pair before Leon grabbed his head and slammed it into the wall next to him causing the papers badly tapped on the wall to scatter as the man crumpled to the ground out cold.

Leon sighed as he picked up papers and discovered one strange article...'People looking for volunteers, heard some people on Mercury looking for crew for a fancy ship. Things bad news from what I hear, captain is bad news.' Was that it read. Leon walked over to the counter and returned the papers. "Sorry for the mess." He stated as he walked out and looked for transportation to Mercury.

Mercury: Taiyō Shipyard

Standing with six others, Leon had to keep it on the low when he was leaving Pluto after his little scuffle. However here he was, on the planet of Mercury following the rumor of work on a special ship. Honestly...He did not bring much with him, just the clothes on his back and a handgun on his side, and a large case filled with random knick knacks. As much as he would have loved to bring his old suit of powered armor on him...It was technically Illegal to be lugging around Military hardware...That was unless anyone saw it of course, he had to keep that hidden in plain sight. And by that he had to dismantle it, turn it into other things, and would only be a suit of power armor once he dismantled everything and put it together.

However that was a different issue, it would seem like the rumors he followed was true. He kept to himself as he followed the group. Seems like the captain was seemingly energetic all things considered, although maybe it was the fact of the ship...he had no clue, all he was here for was to work once more. And being able to work out in the void of space doing hard work...That beat being a bum on Pluto.