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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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"Welcome everyone, my name is Matias Kingsbury. I am head of security for Captain Amaya Rose and the Blackbird's Cry," Matias said, bowing slightly. "If you will follow me, I will show you to the ship. Captain Rose will be addressing us with a short speech, and confirming your designated stations aboard the Cry."

Matias led the group down the corridors, into a large glass foyer that showed the night sky above Mercury spread out above them. The foyer itself was full of people, bustling about, mostly ignoring the view, but to the newcomers, it was a breathtaking sight. The shipyards branched out like a tree, the glittering lights highlighting the skeletons of ships being built, strange spirits among the stars. But what really caught everyone's eye was the completed Blackbird's Cry, hanging just out the port window.

It was their first real glimpse of the ship, and as Eco put it, "Well now... that's a ship." The Blackbird's Cry was shaped like an arrowhead, the fore of the ship coming to a softened point underneath gleaming silver armor. Lights flickered on in the bridge, but the eyes were drawn to the massive engines on either side of the sleek wings. Glowing blue flame was just beginning to ignite deep within the engines' hearts.

"This way, officers," Matias reminded the group gently, leading them into an elevator that shot up into the shipyard itself. After a few moments, the elevator opened and once again the Cry was visible, this time much closer as they marched down another corridor that would lead them into the Cry herself.

Matias showed no hesitation as he reached the door and opened it with a quick press of his hand, and he continued to lead the group into the ship itself. The room they entered was a conference room, white walls for neutrality, with a desk and chairs that looked like they could be removed easily if need be.

"Please, have a seat," the woman standing inside said, and it didn't take much for the crew to recognize their captain: Amaya Rose. Dark blue eyes met each of the faces of her new crew, and Amaya stood still, straight as an arrow, as the group found their seats.

"Welcome aboard the Blackbird's Cry," Amaya said, her voice calm and rich, carrying to everyone in the room with ease. "I know many of you must be nervous, or excited, or even apprehensive. Perhaps you have heard of my record. Perhaps you do not feel qualified to be here."

Amaya paused and scanned the group, then continued. "As you all know, my name is Amaya Rose. Please address me as Captain at all times. Your first mate will be Astraeus Economos, although he prefers to be addressed as Eco. During our voyage, you may come to either one of us with any concerns or questions. I want to reassure all of you that you were chosen for this expedition for a reason. Your skills, your backgrounds, and your potential were all weighed into my final decision."

"The Blackbird's Cry is the most advanced starship currently built," Amaya said, pressing a flat button on the table that brought up a schematic of the Cry. "It's large but the rest of the crew is already on board and has been for about a week. They can help you if you get lost, but I hope you've also read over the debriefing. For those of you who may not have, our current mission is to head to Alpha Centauri. As humanity's first outpost, there is a certain import in arriving there."

Amaya pressed the button again and the schematic began highlighting certain areas as she spoke. "Let me quickly go over everyone's assignments.

"Lilian, you will be our main navigator. I will expect you up on the bridge tomorrow morning, but do note that once underway, you have another station at your disposal on deck two, bridge three.

"Tyson, you are the ship's doctor. Tomorrow morning, please report to the medical wing on deck two.

"M, you are our tech officer, and will report to the tech wing. You will work closely with our science officer, so please get to know him when you arrive, or if you happen to meet beforehand.

"Robert, you will be in charge of weapons maintenance. Please report to maintenance on deck four tomorrow morning.

"Nierra, it's good to see you again, and thank you again for coming. I've decided to put you down in the engineering wing of maintenance. You'll be working closely with Robert and our other maintenance officer, Draka.

"You have all met Matias, of course. Matias will be our security officer on board. If there's been a crime committed on board, please report it to him immediately. His office is located on deck three, along with crew quarters.

"Leon, I understand you're quite gifted in the culinary arts. I've asked you to report to the kitchen tomorrow morning to meet the rest of your staff. We'll all be counting on you to keep us healthy."

Amaya stopped and looked around at the group one last time, then smiled. "We have a great crew, and I am greatly looking forward to working with you all. Does anyone have any questions now, before we adjourn?"