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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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"Yes," Tyson stepped forward with a morbid expression on his face. "I have a question that has actually been on my mind for quite some time now..."

He paused as if searching for the right words, then rapidly let out an energetic speech, "What is your policy on relationships during this voyage? Especially within stations, but not exclusively. And perhaps if you could specifically mention casual relationships between boss and subordinate, that would be much appreciated. Which reminds me of another thing I have been wondering about, and that is downtime, or personal time, or whatever you want to call it. How much do we get? Can I have weekends off? Or will it be just a nap every once in a while? Speaking for myself, I enjoy virtual reality games quite a bit. Do we have one here for public use or can I access it privately? Another thing I quite enjoy that concerns me is my speeder bike. It's quite nice, it can work in any atmosphere and even in space, which is quite fun, let me tell you. Extremely expensive, not even most of the upper-class can afford it. The problem is, when I sent in my list of the baggage I would be bringing and the supplies I would be needing, they omitted several things. My speeder bike was just one of several. I don't know if you have time now to go over them all, but I think we should discuss these things before we get going on this grand adventure. It's so exciting but, well, my speeder isn't going to get on this ship by itself, now is it?"

At this point, Tyson let out a few awkward laughs before looking expectantly at Amaya.