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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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Leon made sure to keep mental note in his head as they went through the ship, the design, part of the layout, craw on board and their status. Of course he would have plenty of time later to orientate himself to the entire ship, weapon systems, combat doctrines, layout and design. For now however they were meeting with the ship’s captain. Captain Amaya Rose...He had no clue what to think of her at the moment save for the rumors surrounding her as being the lone survivor of multiple expeditions.

However she would confirm about her record, and soon began to assign tasks to each of the people gathered here:

Lilian, assigned as their Main Navigator, as such that gave away that she was no doubt skilled in her profession. She at least looked the type that seemed to be the more studious type.

Tyson, the ships doctor. Deck two was the medical wing this he would remember in the event that injuries are sustained. Of course his following question opened up some of his personality, relationships...Looks like he can expect the doctor to be the type to sometimes hope for relationships better than...’professional’...Of course if he is their doctor he must know what to do when it comes to an emergency.

M...The Tech Officer And someone who was hiding their face. Unisex outfit, could be man or woman...Hell they could be human or some foreign alien type...Honestly he could care less about the gender, people have their own way of acting in public. But for now he can say that this M was going to the research and development department at least do scientific work.

Robert, he looked young but he looked healthy. And with him on weapon maintenance he assumed he was adept at keeping equipment in working orders this was good to note as well.

Nierra...Part Of engineering which kept the ship running. Although for some reason he could not put his finger on it...She seemed a bit off...But like hell he knew she was wearing a void suit so he could not tell...At least he could count of her to keep the ship in operation.

And finally himself, Culinary?...He laughed internally to himself, never expected to be put in the kitchen, he had assumed she would put him in the generic security given his background, or part of maintenance but of course he knew that a ship can’t run if everyone is starving to death. He gave a nod and salute. “Of course captain I will report to culinary duty at 1400 sharp to begin prep work, however since your asking questions I will be blunt here. I heard the rumors over your previous expeditions. Some called you a bad luck magnet. I want to make one thing clear which will be my question. Did your crew die for you? Or did you abandon your crew? That is my only question.” He spoke clear as day. A captain who simply abandons their crew is no captain in his book, if she did he might as well leave this metal bucket. In the battlefield it was one thing to fight, but to die while knowing you would be sent to die by someone who wanted to save his own skin...That he would not stand by.