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Galneryus grunted under the weight of Girthfield, fending off the man's attacks as best he could as his pistol slid out of reach. He could see Girthfield had clearly lost his senses, not that he could blame the man. Shifting slightly, Galneryus blocked one of Girthfield's blows and then slammed his fingers into Girthfield's windpipe.

Girthfield choked and Galneryus quickly pushed the stunned man off of him, rolling to the side and picking up his pistol. Quickly, Gal spun back, aiming his gun at Girthfield in case the man attacked again.

Meanwhile, two of Zambob's men approached out of the sands towards Arubak, Ash and Mild, their clothes both showing the insignia of high priests. One's hands crackled with lightning, the other with fire.

"Arubak," the man of fire called, tossing his braid behind his shoulder. "Zambob is very disappointed in your choice today. You have broken your treaty with him, and thus, punishment will be delivered on the Holy Land." The man thrust his arms forward, fire blazing towards Arubak. "I am Huoren, here to take your life!"

The other high priest, hooded so his features were hidden, simply attacked Mild without any speeches, although as lightning zapped out of his fingertips towards the wind Phoenix, a cackle could be heard escaping his lips.