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"I will have your court-martialed and tried in the halls of Lauresnska!" Girthfield said. His moves were slow, deliberate- moves Gal could dodge. Girthfield's technique was not so much in how fast he hit, but how much of the duelling field he took up whilst conducting it. Wide sweeps, with each Gal taking a step back- larger and larger strides the further Girthfield swung. "I'll have you tried in front of Leonard! For murder!" Gal stopped as a bullet whizzed by his ear from the battle around them, and that one moment of hesitation was enough for him to be caught in Girthfield's swing. From his hip up to his shoulder Gal was sliced open, his clothing ripping in two as blood flew out onto the battlefield- his leather chestplate keeping the blade from touching his heart.

Galnyerus hit the sand on his back, his shield making him like a turtle on its shell. Girthfield stepped on his leg before smashing the man's head with the pommel of his sword, open a vat of blood in the centre of his forehead. Girthfield raised his blade, ready to bring it down on Galneryus. "You're a murderer, Galneryus! And a crusty little pimp!" The hero of Gwyeene spat as a chorus of gunshots rang around them.