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Dianja opened his mouth and screamed, a bolt of lightning shooting out from his tongue and blasting through the flame straight at Mild.

"Your love of the material is poison, Arubak," Huoren said, bursting free from the sands on jets of flame. "Poison that you have spread to your citizens. Zambob will purge this poison from the Rock. As he will purge all evil." Huoren flew forward, again launching punches and kicks at Arubak, the heat from his hands and feet causing the sand to smoke.


"Quickly, while Dianja and Huoren keep the defilers busy!" Zambob ordered, gesturing for his men to rush the Holy Land. "Bring down the gates! Burn the Holy Land to the ground!"

"Follow the high priests!" a yell came, as three more robed figures darted forward towards the Holy Land. "Follow them into the city!"


"I'm also a Phoenix, you insufferable prick," Galneryus growled, solidifying the air around Girthfield, freezing him in place long enough for Galneryus to roll out of the way. Coughing blood, Galneryus pulled his shield out from his back. "I was content keeping you in the dark, Girthfield. But keep getting in my way, and I will kill you. This is your last warning."