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The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


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Mild narrowed his eyes as his beam increased in intensity, matching Dianja's lightning. He would almost be content to hold this stalemate all day if not for...

"Quickly, while Dianja and Huoren keep the defilers busy!" Zambob ordered, gesturing for his men to rush the Holy Land. "Bring down the gates! Burn the Holy Land to the ground!"

"No!" Mild shouted breaking off the war of elements and glancing concerned at the town before him.

"You sure as hell love to flap yer gums don't ya?" Arubak asked, as he commanded gallons of sand rushed forth to punch their way through into Huoren's mouth.

Mild, in the meantime had broken himself away from Dianja for the time being to warn all the soldiers stationed outside the Holy Land to, "Fall back!" as he blew a chilling wind, covering the entrance to the city in a sheet of ice. "Dianja, was it?" Mild asked of the electricity wielding phoenix. "Hopefully, you won't mind if we continue this another time...but I won't let this city fall..." he stated, beginning to ascend further up into the air...