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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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Character Portrait: Amaya Rose Character Portrait: Emilia "M" Leibe Character Portrait: Leon Selig Character Portrait: Nierra Ezran Character Portrait: Robert Langley Character Portrait: Lilian Rhorer Character Portrait: Matias Kingsbury Character Portrait: Astraeus Economos Character Portrait: Tyson Monnaie
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An interesting ship so far, quite beautiful and unique as far as they go. The crew too was quite interesting, and Robert found himself feeling curious what it will be like to work with them all. His first impressions of the captain were mostly good, though some of the questions made him a little uneasy, particularly with his concerns on her reputation.

Once Leon finished his question, Robert raised his hand and gave a slight wave of it. "I feel as though some of my questions should be had more privately with you Captain, but for now I'd just like to quickly ask about the equipment that was provided by Langley Industries, and the agreement that was worked out. Understandable you don't want staff walking around with firearms and weapons at all times, but will I be permitted to work on them, test them, and perhaps make use of them in the field? You'll have to forgive my uncertainty, I only briefly read the agreement, and my mind is mostly on the concerns of my fami- ah, the company's interests. Being able to test and use the equipment in real world situations is vital to better understanding how we can improve their effectiveness, and work out any flaws."

His cheeks felt a little hot, the feeling of embarrassment having not fully left him from asking the question. "My apologies for the long worded question." Robert spoke in a friendly, but slightly bashful tone.