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"Ghh..." Seru groaned as she fought the Tryptian for her pistol. Her ribs were burning, broken probably, and her vision was impaired by the blood and sand sticking to her face. When she stared into his eyes red-eyed hatred stared back at her. He began bending her wrist until it was too painful to hold onto the pistol, but she continued to grasp onto it for dear life as the nozzle turned toward her head, "Nyyyaah!"

He was bigger, stronger than she was. His armor was pressing into her body, leaving her breathless and weak. They fought to hold on to the pistol, each of them fighting with all of their strength, until eventually Seru's hand began to slip and lose it's grip. In a single moment the Tryptian knew he had the upper hand, jabbing the gun into her head harshly where the metal would leave a mark. His finger pressed down on the trigger and Seru jolted to the side.

A loud blast. Silence. For a moment all she saw was black, and from the darkness she saw a pair of golden eyes. And her brother. Was she dead? No, the pain was still there. The cowboy gasped as she opened her eyes, light blinding into her skull and a deafening ring destroying her brain. She couldn't hear. Beside her was a sword glinting in sands, and with one swift movement, while the Tryptian aimed another shot at her head, she reached out for it.

The burning metal touched her fingers. Seru lifted up the blade and brought it to the Tryptian's neck, where there was a distinct gap between his helmet and his armor. The two sat there, at a standstill, a gun pointed at Seru's head and a blade cutting into the Tryptian's throat. The cowboy breathed heavily, unable to hear a single thing.