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Huoren sliced through the sand with his superheated karate chop, and kicked Arubak in the chest, sending the man flying back to the ground, the burned imprint of a boot on his clothes and skin.

"I am a holy priest of Sanctuary," Huoren said calmly, his eyes fierce. "Preaching is what I do."

"Huoren!" Dianja hissed to his companion. "The windy one's getting away."

Huoren's eyes narrowed, and he looked back at Zambob, who nodded. "Then we retreat for now. Leave the others to their attempts to break the city. We must return with our leader to safety."

Dianja nodded, his eyes glowing from underneath his hood and the two moved back to their ants, Zambob leading the way as he intoned a prayer for the souls of his men as they still charged at the gates of the Holy Land.


"You are not a Guardian, Girthfield!" Galneryus growled, his shield steady in his hands despite his injury. "You are just pretending to be. If you were, you'd realize that I shot Otis because he was attacking us! He had already rejected his title of Guardian. And here you are, trying to arrest me? Trying to kill me? For what... doing my job?"

Galneryus shook his head, his eyes hard. "This is why I never told you what I've been doing all those times I went away. I've never trusted you, Girthfield. And I certainly don't now."