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Mild was going to rush back down to repel the invaders further, scatter them but breathed a sigh of relief as they decided to sound a retreat instead. This still wasn't over. There were till the offworlders to contend with as well as Otis group. The phoenix took a glance downward, hoping that with Zambob and his zealots gone, that some kind of reasonable accord could be struck. He alighted down slowly.

The Arubak that Huoren kicked,twitched and gyrated, the burning imprint of the boot in his chest, searing him through and dissolving him into a pile of sand. The real Arubak emerged from not too far away, having hidden himself within the sands sometime in the midst of the fight. Spitting sand from his mouth, he grumbled angirly and rested his head upon the dunes. He wasn't prepared for all this.

"Well..." Mild stated, landing upon the sands. "That didn't go as well as you expected."

"Aw, shaddup," Arubak frowned, shaking sand out of his hat. "Lost my damn coat, got sand all in my goddamn pants. Zambob broke the alliance. Always knew he would, crazy now we gotta be on the lookout for Sanctuary crazies sneakin' in AGAIN!" Arubak rubbed his face. "And then there's these fuckin' 'Lords of Rock'?"

"I'm sorry?" Mild asked, raising an eyebrow at the audacious name.

"The guests,, the stupid..." Arubak shook his head. "Snipers! calm yer asses down and line up yer shots! We're protectin' the Knights!"