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The Tryptian breathed violently, blood caked in sand covering his face. He heaved before clenching his teeth and pulling down on the trigger. Seru dodged as the shot fired out- though not completely, and in the motion she pulled the blade back, slicing the side of the Tryptian's neck open.

The Tryptian dropped the pistol, collapsing to his side and heaving as he held his neck. He stared up at the wounded Seru, gurgling as he grabbed hold of his neck- the blood seeping from between his fingers. "EUuuugh... EUuughhgh," He began to slurp, his moans resembling a seal as he tried to bring himself to words. He began to rise but fell again, as if the limbs of his body were failing him. It would be a long, arduous death. As he lay grabbing at his wound and gurgling he stared her down, his blue eyes wide, as if he was witnessing the grim reaper herself.