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Seru slowly stood over the man, her black hair wild and tangled in sand. Thick, red blood caked the side of her face where he had shot her, but just barely missed her skull, and she could hear nothing but a loud ringing that pierced her brain. When she looked down at the Tryptian a moment of cruelty passed her thoughts; to leave him like this, suffering a long painful death. It was the Rock after all, and death was so normal. Yet that was not Seru. She was brought up a Nomad, and whilst her respect for life had absolutely skewed in her later years her upbringing still plagued her with a guilty conscious.

Her hearing began to come back, muffled at first and only at one side. The Tryptian's groans were faint, but as she lifted his long sword and let it fall upright into his neck, suddenly they were silent.

Seru turned and lifted her pistol from the sands, before limping away back into battle.