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The chain rattled as Talideth stepped forward and she paused. Yokt was already walking away, fists clenched, pace unyielding despite the guests milling about. Tali reached out but suddenly it seemed like the universe had expanded and yet shrunk, the air around her feeling differently. Her skin, her body, even the very way blood flowed through her seemed different. More sensual.

There wasn't an equivalent experience Talideth could muster. Maybe the smoothness of steal once its been polished and flattened. Perhaps the feel of hands roaming her body but those hands had been calloused and worn. No, this felt much more soft, more encompassing of every layer of humanity her body possessed from the skin to the very cells that made her.

Worm, worm.

She blinked and she was next to Qunith, not even noticing the way people had step over the link between them. Blacksun was within Talideth's reach and she wondered how deep her hand could go into his skin. How much she could absorb before the absorbed drug did her in.

Tali reached over and gently stroked the man's hand, sending shivers down her spine. The world began to sharpen and Tali felt a warmth spread through her. A certain kind of power and she felt that tingling, that same tingle when their Mother used to defuse power through her. Beneath their feet, a small, almost unnoticeable rumbling took hold of the earth.

But even Talideth didn't really notice as the music began to course through her like blood through her veins.

"Dancing," Talideth mused with a small giggle as she reached out to grab a hold of Qunith's chin, bring them closer to Talideth's own face. "Let's dance again."


Horik left Otis for a few moments, in disbelief of the chaos the scene had resulted in. She scowled at the scene and kicked at the sand. It flew forward and a bit of it flew back at her, causing her to spit into the sand as well. Arubak was yelling and Horik was about to throw a grenade when she heard it. A low, almost indiscernible rumbling in the sands.

Worm, worm, worm, worm, worm, worm.

Back at the wagon, Clorik had slept still. She had dozed off, waiting for Horik to return, but soon her eyelids grew heavy. The worm had kept watch however. It watched and listened and waited until it sensed something in the air.


Clorik began to rouse too. She felt her chest tighten and her eyes snapped open. They both looked towards the gates. Towards where Horik was caught in a mess she had wanted to avoid.

She was certainly a terrible pirate indeed.

Wormity, wormity, WOrmWOrmWOrm.

There was yelling and Yokt already feared the worst. Someone had whispered to her, one of the servants?, that Zambob had approached the Holy Land. Yokt could hardly believe it but the servant seemed pretty adamant about it. Hesitant, Yokt turned to the trio she had been talking to but Qunith and Blacksun had already seemed to in a world of their own. Talideth wa still somewhat with her but she could see her eyes begin to enlarge, swallowed by whatever she had swallowed.

Curious and afriad, Yokt headed off to investigate the news. It was stupid, she knew, but Zambob wasn't really heard around these parts. Why would someone make up a story about him arriving with support?

worM, worM, worM, worM

Yokt didn't have to go too far however. There was chaos near the Pair O' Dice. Screaming and yelling, a figure running. Fleeting. Yokt didn't know what to make of it except to dodge when they tried to stop whoever was fleeing from the scene. Large items were falling. Bullets.

Yokt prayed.


"So how about we calm our asses down and work together to take 'em out, so we can sort things out like civilized folk?!"

Horik reached into her pocket but heard a loud screech. The worm seemed to grow huge as it approached the chaotic scene, rivaling some of the buildings in the Holy land. Clorik was nowhere to be seen but there was a bulge at the base of the worm's neck. The worm reared its wide head and a mouth like hole emerged from the tip of its head as tentacles emerged, coated in some thick green mucus rather than the usual thick, white cream that usually coated the worm.


"Yeah, I think uh, I think we should all sit the fuck down and handle this a little better!" Horik yelled.