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A Knight marched up to Arubak, raising an arm as if to shake his hand before sucker punching him in the jaw- causing the holy lord to stagger back.

"Sir Belvis stop!" Sir Nardleheim screamed from atop his horse, the creature rearing as bullets continued to fly back and forth- the ceasefire not yet clear to all of Zambob's soldiers. "Stop it, the Tryptian needs help!"

Across the smoke the Tryptian gurgled blood, Seru already having fled into the chaos of the battle...

Girthfield stood ready to face Gal, ready to chop the guardian down. "I am the ranking officer- leader of our mission on the Rock. You do not attack a guardian unless I order it," Girthfield hissed. "I will have your head for this. By my blade or my Leonard's you will answer for your crimes," Girthfield raised his blade when suddenly a hollow horn rang- the sound of ceasefire for Zambob's army. The two guardians turned as a posse of ants rode between them, giving chase to the lords of rock across the chaotic battlefield.

Girthfield turned to face Galneryus between the stampling ant-legs. He spit at the man. "You're not worth it," He called over the kicked up sand before sheathing his blade and marching back toward Zambob's command line...


Qunith was on the verge of tears, as if in Blacksun's face they'd spotted some sort of monster- an evil growing, twisting, like a creature crawling out from the dark. Qunith's began to whimper and cry when suddenly- Talideth, like an angel in the light. "Oh yes," Qunith breathed, raising as Talideth took them by the jaw. "Oh yes."

The two rose and began to sway slightly, the entire world shifting with their hips. "Oh, you're a feline- you're an angel," Qunith breathed, their finger entering Talideth's mouth and pulling their cheek open slightly. "You're almost a divine, Tali," Qunith leaned in, locking lips with their chained accomplice- tongue massaging tongue for a long moment before their lips sucked apart. "I'm so mesmerizing, it's half of being a divine, I fear- I fear it always," Qunith said, beginning to cry before kissing Talideth again.