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Arubak growled as he was punched in the face, stumbling back into the sand. "I've had enough of this shit today...." he stated. "Ain't nobody listenin' to goddamn common sense..."

A loud rumble was heard. Arubak looked up in shock as he glared at the creature erupting form the Holy Land's walls amidst the sounds of his population screaming and running in terror. "Mild...kill that thing!"

"The worm?" Mild asked. "I dunno....I'm not sure I can."

"Yer not....what the fuck you mean yer not sure?!" Arubak spat in disbelief. "Go up there and burn a fuckin' hole in the damn things neck!"

"But you know how the little ones...well they split," Mild noted, folded his arms. "In two I mean, and then you'd get two worms. So what's to say this thing you really want to deal with two?"

"What I want is that thing out of my damn city!" Arubak pointed at the Lords of Rock. "I want all of them out of my damn city!" the warlord began to pace, heading over to the Knights. "Hey! Outworlders! We got fuckin' doctors! I wanna give y'all the bullets! Swear it! I'll find out who opened fire, but I just wanna deal. Like we was a'fore all this shit broke out! Come on!" he pleaded impatiently. "I....I even got somethin' that can maybe sweeten the deal!" he offered, his wheezing inwardly as he attempted to wipe off his bloodied nose.