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located in Bear Point, a part of Secrets Of Bear Point, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bear Point



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Jordan Ley'co

| Outfit: Currently wearing | Location: Home | Hex:#800000 |

That morning had been nothing but going from place to place, doing one thing and moving to the next. Jordan had woken up before the sun had even decided to rise and grace the treeline of Bear Point. She knew that graduation was growing closer and closer every passing day and she knew she'd more than likely have to make some life-changing decisions in the new few upcoming days. She knew one thing for certain, she wasn't going to leave her sister by herself with their mother. No matter what she would do, the one thing she was certain of was that she wasn't going to be leaving her sister to fend for herself. She begrudgingly woke up at 4am to meet Madison's father at the port side of town as they planned to get some work in before the weekend hit and that Jordan would be busy with graduation.

She quickly got dressed and made sure everything was squared away in their home, making sure nothing was out of order and that there was plenty of foods and drinks for their mom and Kate. She took one last look in the mirror before she left and saw that there was a small bruise that was remotely visible on the left side of her neck, she groaned and decided to toss on a gray sweatshirt to help cover it up, it did about as much as she needed left as quietly as she could and left for work. It went about as smoothly and as uneventful as they would have expected with the still remotely cold weather, even with the beginning of spring being right around the corner. They had caught some, but not as much as they had originally planned. Hours had passed when they finally came back to the mainland, being around 8am now, Jordan knew that she was slowly running out of time and would need to go to the local store and get more food and items for the oncoming week.

After a while, from running place to place, and bringing things back into the house she put everything where they needed to be and finally flopped onto the couch with a long sigh. She sat on the couch in silence as she knew that Kate was away at a friend's house and that their mother was still asleep, or more so had gone back to bed after getting her next fix as some of the drinks she had bought prior were now missing. Jordan found herself slowly nodding off as she rested her chin on her hand until she heard a small beep go on, coming from her pocket. The sound startled her and caused her to jump a bit as she forgot she still had the sound on her phone. She took a moment to see if her mother was awake, and after not hearing anything she opened her phone and checked who had messaged her. Seeing that it was only Madison she sighed with relief, seeing that Madison asked if they could meet at the local diner for some coffee in ten minutes. She was tempted to say no, or maybe later, but she figured that going out and seeing her best friend would do her some good, as well as get her out of this house for a bit longer, and if she needed to sleep she could end up taking a nap at Madison's house later that day.

"Sure, just let me finish with a few things and I'll be there ASAP. So make it about eleven minutes." she texted back, with a hint of sarcasm in the message.

With a small groan, she rose to her feet, feeling a bit light-headed, maybe getting some coffee and food at the diner was the right decision. Jordan checked the house once more again, making sure she had everything she needed and promptly left the house, and got into her truck, that was a gift from Madison's father, as well as her boss. They were all too proud of themselves when they managed to fix up the old thing, putting in a new radio, sound system, as well as fixing the heated seats and air conditioner, and a few other problems like changing out the motor belt and engine. It was practically brand new, with a few bumps and scrapes here, it was her most prized possession, and she didn't care what others thought of it. It was a long time coming project between Jared and Jordan, and when he said it was all her's for graduation, she couldn't contain herself.

It took a few minutes, but she finally arrived at the small diner, assuming Madison was already inside when she got there she pulled into the lot and jumped out of the car and made her way into the small establishment, a feeling of familiarity filled her as a small smile spread across her face. It was one of the best places to find a home-cooked meal that felt and was authentic and was owned by people that lived in the town forever, as it was passed down from one family member to the next. She waved at the man behind the grill in the back past the counter as he smiled and waved as she entered, a small bell going off as the door opened. After finally finding Madison sitting in their usual spot, which was one of the booths in the far back she scooted into the booth across from her friend, with a deep sigh she gave her a small smile. "Sorry I'm late, Madds. It was a long morning. How're you?" she gave her a small smile as she looked her friend in the eyes, always having found comfort in her best friend she couldn't help but smile.

They had been friends ever since they were little, some may say even too close as the years went on. As whenever anyone saw one, the other would be right behind them, and usually mischief and shenanigans would follow. But as the years went on things changed a bit, their attitudes and views on how the world really was changed and evolved, as they saw it wasn't what they expected. But one thing remained the same, their bond. Nothing was ever able to sever it and they didn't plan on it breaking anytime soon.