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located in New Eve Island, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Eve Island

New Eve Island is the largest island among the Darknight Isles, and is mostly occupied by the large scale castle and surrounding town belonging to the Crown-Princess of the New Ruulan Empire.


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Character Portrait: Crimson the Chimchar
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New Eve Island : New Eve Town

Surprisingly, once inside the town, the weather was calm, almost as if a storm's eye. While the purple clouds remained overhead, no flashing lights ever reached the ground, and the wind was balmy at the ground level. The town's streets were relatively comfortable. As he exited the alleyway, Crimson would see much of the town was finished being built, though a few buildings were still being erected, with their foundations surrounded by small crystalline pillars that seemed to be channeling energy into them, almost as if constructing the buildings out of the shadowy diamond material.

Several Trainers wearing light armor and helmets were found at key points in the town in pairs, while a few others patrolled alongside Bronzor or Minior solo or paired. The males wore a shadow diamond mail cuirass over a long-sleeved undershirt, along with pants, gauntlets, a barbute helmet, and boots with a super short heel. The females wore a shadow diamond mail cuirass over a sleeved blouse, along with a miniskirt designed in emulation of a Mega Diancie's "dress", opera gloves, a morion helmet, and thigh-high heeled boots with a modest heel. Each cuirass radiated the same shadowy energy to those who could sense it, and surely provided benefits to the wearer. Each Trainer bore different weapons made of the same shadow diamonds, carrying either a sword, an axe, or a bow and dagger, complete with arrows. Notably, each Trainer, given their height, seemed to be comprised of actual Trainers who may have been on their journeys or were still younger (a particularly good guess would place the majority between 16 and 26).

By the gates leading to the castle, heavily armored knights flanked the gateway, each armed with a lance and two Poke Balls. Their armor, too, was made of shadowy diamonds; an emulation of full plate armor that afforded complete coverage and looked well-fortified. No doubt the armor was providing benefits to the wearers. The knights seemed to be mostly older Trainers (likely 26+ on a good guess), given their stature and size.

Several apparent residents were out and about as well, mostly doing their own thing it seemed. Some even played with their Pokemon and did things Trainers usually did back in other regions. Several youngsters played basketball while their mothers gossiped; roadside stalls selling foodstuffs hawked their goods; a young girl chased after her Patrat. No one seemed to mind the armored Trainers in general. The Pokemon Center and Poke Mart were relatively calm and not busy, and the town was incredibly quiet overall. The walls seemed to provide a good measure of safety, and the sight of floating crystals tethered to obelisks mounted on the walls was common enough to be a likely reason for that safety. Occasionally, a Cryogonal or Starmie would float by, as if on patrol, and Cacturne could be seen from time to time in odd places, standing completely still.

The road to the main castle gate was relatively straightforward to follow, if quite open and exposed to view.